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Five things to avoid on a first date

Many customers may wonder what to do or not to do on a first date with a girl. Because it’s easier to know what not to do, we asked our escorts to give us some answers. Sophie: “Do not talk about your ex-girlfriend. Only if you’re asked, it’s acceptable to ( Read more… )

Become a Premium Client of Fantasy Escorts

We launched the premium section. Any customer can register as a premium client. Registration and membership are free forever. To enjoy the benefits of a Premium client, you can register HERE. As a premium customer, you can: – win 1 free hour monthly with an escort who is chosen by ( Read more… )

Fulfil your fantasies with an escort

What does it mean when you dream of open eyes making love with a colleague? Have you a fantasy with a stranger? Some experts, with the help of statistical data, have tried to answer some questions for you. But we’ll respond from our experience! Fantasies with ex-girlfriend Does not mean ( Read more… )

How to impress any escort?

First time when you will meet an escort, you’re wondering how to impress without going overboard. 1. Use one of your bottles of perfume. Choose a powerful, sexy and mysterious fragrance, but not in industrial quantities. Try something original and masculine. Of course, first, you have to pay attention to ( Read more… )

A magical dinner date with an escort

If you want to go to a restaurant and you don’t have someone to accompany you, our escorts are here for you. Our offer for romantic dinners: 3 hours for only £350. In these three hours, at least two must be spent at an outdoors location and one hour at ( Read more… )

Satisfaction according to your preferences

Do you think that the next night will be boring? Do you want to spend time with a passionate partner? You want to enjoy the best romantic experiences, but do not know how? Learn how to get the satisfaction that you need: we help you with the most beautiful escorts. ( Read more… )

Book escorts, learn the truth about passion!

Just like in other topics, in love, relationships and escort industry there are several opinions more or less true. It’s good to know what’s real and what’s not. The passion comes naturally – False The physical chemistry that you see in movies, which suggests that when two lovers meet, passion ( Read more… )

False myths about dates with escorts

Relations between partners without liability has become a common practice in modern culture. They found different names to describe a date with a person who is not your permanent girlfriend, such as an escort. Many prefer this kind of “relationship”, but some individuals are afraid to experiment occasionally dates, because ( Read more… )

The secrets of escorts, according to their zodiac sign

Whether an escort is in Pisces, Taurus or Cancer, you can trace the “tastes” and the girl’s passion, researching what astrologers say. Here you will find the characteristics of these girls, according to her sign. Taurus Feminine and beautiful, the Taurus< women is a kind of Barbie. She is wild ( Read more… )

Every escort has her power of seduction

Seduction is of many types, and every woman has her charm, a real advantage for men. Many girls have found that not only physical beauty, height, weight and eye colour are essential. A woman’s beauty lies not only in attractive appearance because men are also attracted to the inner qualities ( Read more… )

The younger girls for you – Age: 18 – 24 years

Regardless of your age, we are showing a collection of young girls in the West Midlands. No need to worry, these young ladies love to meet men with life experience, no matter your age. So if you want to have some pleasant moments and to feel the beauty of youth, ( Read more… )