Much is written about beautiful female companions or gorgeous escorts, but little is known about the typology of men who resort to escorting services in Birmingham or other cities. In the UK, this industry is highly valued: it is estimated that tens of thousands of women are involved in these services. The media knows this, so that’s why so many articles about these companions are published. To find out what the differences are between the special clients of a female companion, I talked to Charlotte, a 33-year-old girl who has been working in the industry for many years.

Customers with special wishes

I had a client who was very passionate about creams and sweet cakes. He always wanted to be covered with milk whipped cream. Another was crazy about rock music. I remember once asking me to play rock music from his audio system at 2 a.m., with the volume at maximum. There was another customer who adored fruit salads and only booked me to go to dinner with him, to eat his fruit salad. Some clients have some unrealistic scenario ideas, but I have to refuse them“, Charlotte said.

Clients with disabilities

Clients with disabilities are an important part of my job. I would love to help as many people as possible in this situation because they have needs like everyone else. A few years ago, I met a guy who was in a wheelchair, and he told me that once he called an escort, and when he told her about his disability, the girl stopped talking. I was angry when I heard something like this. If a female companion in Birmingham or anywhere else is not able to offer services for a person with disabilities means that she is not suitable for this industry. I have had many clients who use sign language. Sometimes we have to communicate in writing, but we can handle it. I had an extraordinary experience once when I met the parents of a client. He was a guy connected to multiple monitors because of disabilities, and his parents wanted to meet me before. So I had lunch with them that day, and they offered me a bed in their house to stay overnight“, Charlotte said.

VIP clients

These clients have certain privileges. If I go with them abroad, I negotiate a special price for them. If they want to make a reservation with me, I’ll free my week for them. This kind of guys booked me for at least 24 hours. So if I have an appointment for another hour with another client, I have to call and apologise and postpone the appointment“, Charlotte said.

Customers who reserve me and then “forget” to open their door

There are customers who make appointments and then don’t show up. Many are motivated by childish excuses: for example, that their sister had an accident, or that he had to undergo surgery. I never know if it’s the truth or it’s a lie“, Charlotte said.

Customers booking for the first time an escort

One of the challenges of my job is to help shy clients overcome their anxiety. I always think it’s a similar process for people who first get a tattoo. Despite the fact that I have a very friendly and detailed profile, some are still scared“, Charlotte said.

Therefore, there are, besides the regular customers, many categories of special customers. But a high-class escort from Birmingham or another city will know how to handle any of them. It is important to treat everything with tact,  calmness and of course, with great patience.