One misconception is that only beautiful escorts have clients. However, beauty is very subjective. And, more important is the fact that many women do not realise that outer beauty is not enough to be a high-class companion in Birmingham. Also, no woman will be the perfect lady for anyone, no matter how sensual she may be. Even if a female companion is successful and earns a lot of money, things can change very quickly. Also, when women can make a lot of money for a while, that doesn’t mean they will always be successful: your success can disappear overnight when you don’t even think it can happen.

In my opinion, being a successful female companion means establishing a good connection with clients and working for an alternative career, because these things are equivalent to long-term success. I recommend you to work less if you have this option. Once a woman becomes a high-class companion, she can select her clientele and work less. I also noticed that many “high-class escorts” in Birmingham seem rich and luxurious, but in fact, they spend almost all their money on goods to promote their image. Even if these ladies wear dresses only from famous brands, this does not mean that they are successful or that they are plentiful. It’s just a false face of their life and personality.

In my opinion, the successful escorts in Birmingham are the ones who limit their expenses, who save a lot or invest in a home, business or education, because they are aware that they cannot offer these companionship services forever. Ironically, the rule I learned from my observations is that anyone who makes great efforts to boast of her “success”, in fact, tries to mask her low self-esteem. Girls who ask for a high level of donations are not necessarily better than ladies who have an average level of contributions. This industry takes advantage of the fact that some men will pay more money for a woman who seems to be better. The price difference does not always reflect the quality of the services; rather, it is about marketing.

However, quality can exist. Some Birmingham escorts set prices higher than the average and can offer more qualitative experiences because they are more selective with their clientele and probably work less. In general, the vast majority of female companions I met had two types of clients: clients who meet with ladies who either collaborate or do not work with an agency, and clients who book only through agencies. But, from my observations, other characteristics drive men crazy: we must remember the preferences of the clients are different, so we have always recommended to the escorts not to behave falsely, but to be natural. A beautiful girl who is new to this service industry in Birmingham or elsewhere (or another city) will probably be trendy early in her career. However, after meeting men who were curious to meet her, she will continue to be successful only if she has sufficient skill and charm because in most cases, clients will want quality services and an excellent accompaniment.

Let me tell you an example: I had a real passion for a popular escort that I knew. I remember that the first day I met her didn’t seem so cute. He was 33 years old and was quite popular with respectable clients. Once I heard her voice and saw her mannerisms, she fascinated me: I had never met a woman like her! She was different from the rest of the people I had met until then, and for the first time in my life, I found a female companion that I admired. After I met her, she seemed to be the most beautiful companion in Birmingham. I saw why gentlemen liked her: she was such a loving, genuine person. She was brilliant, sweet and had a natural sex appeal. This woman has changed my whole concept of beauty. Initially, I barely noticed her, but after discovering her inner beauty, I became very attracted to her.

I saw many beautiful girls who were very confident in the first months, but over time they were shocked to notice that things are not so simple in Birmingham companionship services. The external beauty has nothing to do with establishing a genuine connection with a respectable client. It should be remembered that stress is the enemy of the escort. It doesn’t matter how beautiful you are: if you are stressed, you will not succeed. I remember I met a gorgeous companion a few months ago. She was new to the industry and lovely. I told her she would be very popular because she was pretty. But she was very stressed. To her disappointment, she had only one client in the first days of work, until she understood that she must be more relaxed and cheerful. Then she became a top partner, with one week’s reservations.

Also, how the companion has presented in her online profile plays an essential role in the type of clients that lady will have. Girls who are often reserved are ladies who can do many things. These skills must be described in her profile. Sometimes these skills get better, other times, some benefits disappear. Therefore, her profile needs to be updated periodically.

A female companion may be famous for a specific time, but as I mentioned earlier, even the most beautiful girl may not be popular after a certain period. Also on the website of Fantasy Escorts Birmingham agency, there is a category with two Popular girls: they do not have that title for a long time, because other girls become more popular and are replaced. It all depends on each one because each lady is a unique being. So, the conclusion is that natural beauty is not enough: you need inner beauty and a charming personality, good manners and intelligence to be a top-class female companion. All of this is hard to achieve, but with perseverance, it can be your top strengths, more important than physical beauty.