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    Great career opportunities

    • Fantasy Escorts is an elite agency that offers great career opportunities. We have high standards and offer the opportunity to earn a lot of money. We have worked hard to reach this fame, but now we are proud to provide some of the best escort services in The Midlands and the surrounding areas. Our customers always praise us for our escort services, because we decided that quality and discretion are the most important.

    Optional maximum intervals of work

    • Mondays – Sunday: 18.00 – 08.00
    • Extra time: Book in advance
    • There are many reasons why you want to work in our agency, see below. These are advantages of working as an escort in The Midlands ( West Midlands, East Midlands and more) through our agency. If you want to know our exceptional team, we invite you to send your images, a brief description and telephone number to contact you and to meet us. You can contact us via this form. You’re welcome!

    A very friendly team

    • We are always looking for new beautiful and elegant girls, with an open mind, because we want our team of escorts to be growing and to be better. Because we have a solid reputation, and demand is growing, we need new ladies. As our agency has many clients, but the dozens of girls who offer their services through our agency are not sufficient, we need you!
    • If you like to meet interesting people, if you love to be part of a team that respects its members if you want to be one of these elite escorts in Birmingham and other cities, if you want to earn money quickly and easily, then our agency is the place for you. Please contact us. Send your details and any recent and authentic photos, to be able to schedule an interview with the coordinator of our team.
    • Our customers have a wide variety of preferences so that no matter what nationality you, no matter what is your skin colour, even if you’re blonde, brunette or redhead. It is important to have an elegant behaviour, an open mind, to know how to behave in society and accept the rules of the quality of our agency.

    Excellent Earning

    If you’re one of these escorts, you’ll earn a lot of money. No matter if you’re a student or you have another job, the money that you earn through our agency far outweigh any other field. Because we have many customers, your income will grow fantastic shortly. You might even save money for future projects. We keep only a small amount of money, which are used to promote your services. You will be the one who will benefit the most profit, to be happy and to offer quality services. Your life will be luxurious, and you will not lack anything.

    Safe and discreet jobs

    No one will know that you work as an escort if you like privacy. We can even put a blur over your face in photos, so nobody recognises you. Some companions require this process, but others prefer to display beautiful face, to attract more customers. But the decision is yours.

    Beautiful Life

    When you’re one of the escorts, your life will not be monotonous. You’ll know the true gentlemen; you will make new friends, you will have a social activity, including trips, romantic dinners in fancy restaurants, you go to the theatre or cinema, in pubs and nightclubs, full of fun, depending on the location where clients want to meet you. Of course, you can decide whether or not to provide social services to that client and go to those locations. But we are sure that you will not refuse some opportunities.

    For ladies that love to spend time with new people, getting to know what makes them tick, helping them to relax, and ensuring that they enjoy their time here, working as an escort could be both fun and financially rewarding at the same time. Escorting is not the right career choice for every attractive lady who wants to make a good living. It could be the best decision you ever made if you have the right type of personality. The best thing to do, if you would like to find out more, is to tell us a little about yourself by completing the form above and then we can arrange a meeting during which you can ask any questions that you may have. Alternatively, you can call during regular business hours to speak to somebody in person.

    Work with Fantasy Agency

    We have worked extremely hard to establish a first-class reputation as an elite Midlands agency, and we are always keen to talk to gorgeous girls who share our enthusiasm for providing the very best customer service at all times. If you have high standards and would love the opportunity to meet interesting people and make a lot of money in the process, please feel free to get in touch with us to discuss and working together in the future. Our clients include a wide variety of discerning gentlemen who each have their personal preferences when it comes to the physical assets of the ladies they date. Because of this, we are keen to talk to girls of all shapes and sizes, from every walk of life and country.

    Why You Might Like Working with Us

    There are many reasons that beautiful girls in the Midlands might wish to work with us:

    1. Amazing Donations

    The hourly donation that you can earn escorting gentlemen around the agency is far higher than for most other earnings, making it a very attractive proposition for girls who want to put some money aside for the future. The donations from these clients are not the highest in the industry but they are very respectable, and because Fantasy Agency keeps the donations at a level that more gentlemen can afford, these girls can work more often when they desire.

    2. Interesting Assignments

    Working as a Midlands lady through Fantasy Agency can involve participating in a wide variety of activities, at many venues across the area. One day you could be dining at a fancy restaurant in the city centre, the next you might be discovering nature and having fun outdoors in the Wyre Forest, near Kidderminster. While you will undoubtedly prefer some people and activities over others, the sheer variety during the average working month will ensure that you are never bored.

    3. Safe and Discreet with us

    Fantasy agency believes that both customers and girls have the right to privacy and our team will always keep your information from prying eyes. What you choose to do when you’re working and who you meet will remain a secret between you and the gentleman with whom you spend time. Every day brings new challenges and people to meet.

    Applying to Work with Fantasy Midlands agency

    If you would like to apply to work with us, complete the form above and submit it as soon as you can. We will review the information that you supply us with and be in touch shortly. If you are still trying to make your mind up, please feel free to call us with any questions you may have about the way our Midlands agency operates and what you might be expected to do on a day-to-day basis. Now you know all the pertinent details: Fantasy company looks forward to hearing from you soon!