We are continuing the series of our interviews with high-class female companions: today we are talking with Olivia, a beautiful and intelligent lady who will tell us why she chose to offer these services in the West Midlands.

Olivia: When I was 19, I arrived with my older sister in the UK, in Birmingham. My sister Amalia worked at a fast-food company and helped me with money for almost a year. Later, she helped me become employed at another company. But my sister became seriously ill and had to return to our home country, Bulgaria. I could not earn enough money to help my sister with the treatment, not even my parents, who spent almost all their money to help my sister. A colleague, who had in the meantime become a very good friend, told me that she sometimes works as an escort during the night, during the weekends. She told me that I can earn as a female companion in a few days as I earn a month at work. What she told me seemed fun and the only solution to earn enough money for my sister, and I decided to find out more.

Fantasy Agency: At that time, did you know what this job meant? Did you know the details and what it means to provide such services?

Olivia: When I chose to enter this services industry, I read a lot of information in advance. I read about famous courtesans, real companions and hot women. But when I decided to find some practical information, I started searching on Google for the words “escorts in Birmingham”. I found a few websites, studied the ads, reviews and forums and understood more when I found a section with the most frequently asked questions and answers on the Fantasy agency website. Also, I read reviews and I used reverse information engineering to find answers to frequently asked questions of potential clients. Later I discovered the agency’s blog, for which I am now glad to offer this interview, to be useful to other girls in search of practical information.

Fantasy Agency: So you found out more information through our online platform? However, just needing to help your sister was the only motivation to become a female escort in Birmingham?

Olivia: I was motivated by an annoying curiosity, a voice in my head that I couldn’t stop. And of course, like all teenagers (and people), I was drawn to this fun-filled life. Although I was no longer very young – I was 22 years old, 3 years since I arrived in this city – I wasn’t in a hurry. I spent weeks reading information online. I chose to work in this industry and write about it, from a privileged place: Fantasy Escorts Agency was everything to me in this job. My story is not for everyone, but it is not particularly unique. I used my privilege, along with the online platform and the culture of consent that you created to protect us physically and psychologically. Not all female companions have access to these tools.

Fantasy Agency: What did it mean for you to know all this information and rules? How did you feel at your first meeting with your first client?

Olivia: I felt strongly that I know what the rules and expectations were. I insisted on some things, confident that hundreds of women were enforcing the same boundaries. No customer complained that I was too careful or tense. They seemed satisfied with my dogmatism. They knew they could trust me because I was consistent and I didn’t compromise. However, I remember how I felt when I first met my client: I was emotional and I was agitated. I wanted to do a good job and make a pleasant impression. But everything was fine. Since then I have had hundreds of different clients from Birmingham or other cities. Most became regular customers.

Fantasy Agency: So it helped you a lot that you got correct information in advance about this job. What do you recommend to other escorts? Is your sister okay now?

Olivia: Thank you for the question. It’s been 10 years since I first arrived in the UK. I earned enough money for Amalia to be able to undergo surgery at a private medical hospital in Vienna, only a year later after I started working as a female companion. Amalia is now completely healed and has two healthy and beautiful children. I also made enough money to open my own business in my native country. I will open a restaurant with traditional food for my sister, and I will launch a small dress factory. This has been my dream since I was a little girl: to become a fashion designer. With the help of your escort agency and clients, I will succeed in everything I promised in my life. I recommend to all the girls who want to work as a female companion to choose the same job only if they feel that they like to offer such services. Also, I recommend these women to find out in advance all the necessary information about what it means to offer these services. Only in this way will they become a high-class companion, because just by working on something you like you can offer quality. Next week I will leave the UK permanently before Brexit. Thank you, dear colleagues, from Fantasy Birmingham Agency, thank you to all the clients and this country Great Britain for helping me and my sister.

Fantasy Agency: We thank you, Olivia. You have been a wonderful colleague and we wish you much success in your future projects. I hope to keep in touch as often as possible on the phone and via the internet and see you again in a visit to your country, from where so many wonderful, intelligent and beautiful people come from.