Your photos and online photo gallery can be the key to success as an escort. Customers want to know what to expect from you when setting up a meeting. They may appreciate the physical description you give in the profile information, but most clients will need a visual clue, meaning more photos. To meet the needs of clients, you need a variety of images and only a professional photographer from Birmingham or other cities will help in this regard. Without going into details about how you should look in these photos or footage, the first thing you should know is that not everyone can take a good photo.

Usually, even professional photographers who have no experience in photographing escorts will not be able to take quality pictures. It is necessary to hire a true professional to get wonderful images in the best situations. Your photographer should guide you through this process. He or she must have the necessary experience to guarantee the best results. But some tips are welcomed for all companions who are early in their careers.

1. For example, when trying to make a successful photo, position yourself so that your shoulders are at a certain angle to the camera lens. Usually, the shoulders are the widest part of the body.

2. In a good photo, if you position yourself side by side with the camera, you create an illusion that you are slimmer than you are in reality.

3. It is good to have one foot in front of the other, with the weight on the back of the foot.

4. Point your toes that are closest to the camera to create the illusion of height and attractive physique.

5. In a photo for the escort profile, it is advisable to minimize the effect with “double chin”. Regardless of how slim you are, you can appear in some pictures with a double chin if you do not hold your head well and do not adjust it in the best position. Gently pull your head forward, extending your neck slightly. You can even tilt your head a little to give the image a more natural effect. Do not bend, pull or stretch your neck too far in front because you will appear tense.

6. Look at the camera or focus your eyes just above the camera. Always look up: looking down at the camera is never a good idea for a photo for your Birmingham escort services.

7. Always ask your photographer to be on top of the plan you are in when taking those photos.

8. Use props to cover all the areas you want to hide. If you have tattoos that you want to hide, you can keep in front of the tattoo, if possible, red flowers, a book or other object with artistic effect. Possibly use powder or cream to hide your tattoos.

9. Technically speaking, don’t create fake photos in Photoshop: customers will notice this immediately and will no longer trust your services because they will not know if you are an honest person or you want to hide less aesthetic features or parts of your body. Make sure the picture resolution is at least 1920 pixels in width and 1080 pixels in height and that you have taken the photo with sufficient light so that there is no noise on the image.

10. Do not add over the image various surrealistic effects, do not put hearts or other elements on your face or other parts of the body. Better use quality makeup, stylish dresses and ask the photographer to blur your face with digital software tools.

Professional photographers say that these tips if applied correctly, without exaggeration, but carefully, are the fastest way to add sensuality to a photo. We all know that the image best helps the sale of services today. As an escort, you do not necessarily have to be the most beautiful woman on earth or the most attractive to be successful as a female companion for many gentlemen. With the help of a photographer and using these tips, you will have a clear advantage and you will be successful, compared to other escorts from Birmingham or another Midlands city.