FAQ about escorts

Before call us with questions

Before call us with questions, it might be useful to check the page below, which offers plenty of answers to common questions. It is possible that the information you need to be here. So please read these questions and concise answers. In this way, your booking will be quick, simple and clear.

1. Reservations must be made in advance ?

You can book a woman in advance, or you can do immediately booking. If you need escorts in West Midlands, UK, for a particular day of the week, you can book in advance. If you need girls for a next date, you can schedule even when you call to reserve in last minute, and in no time we send the requested escort.

2. Where I will meet this escort?

You choose the location. You can meet at your home or in a hotel room, a restaurant, cinema or anywhere you want. It is important to know that the escort safety is very important. You just have to communicate the chosen location. The chosen location can be in West Midlands and surrounding areas.

3. How long can I stay with an escort ?

Depends on how long you have booked. If you feel really good with our girl and you want to stay longer than initial time, you can pay overtime. As you can see, we have discounts.

4. Customers with disabilities ?

Of course ! Fantasy Escorts is an elite agency that does not discriminate regardless of appearance or client situation. We invite you to book escorts through our agency.

5. What payment methods can I use ?

You can pay cash or by bank transfer. We should mention that the payment is made in advance. We guarantee total confidentiality of all transactions in cash.

6. Can I book a girl for a travel abroad ?

Yes, we offer this service. Our advice is to book one of our escorts in West Midlands, to spend a few hours with her, to see if she is suitable for a long trip with you. Payment is made in advance for the entire period, minimum for one week.

7. Rates are negotiable ?

Unfortunately, not negotiable, because we have already lowered prices and we offer the finest cheap escorts. Instead, we offer discounts for certain packages. The general rule is that if more time is booked, the price per hour is lower.

8. You accept special requests ?

Of course, we are one of the most flexible escort agencies. Therefore, we will analyze your special request. If this request is legal and does not endanger the health and safety of our girls, we will gladly meet your request.

9. How should I prepare ?

Physical cleanliness is important. Then just relax and wait your beautiful escort. Therefore, it is important to be prepared spiritually. Our escorts will give you full attention and will make you feel good easily. So there’s no reason to be stressed. Wait relaxed and a beautiful escort will arrive at your door.

10. What is a dinner date ?

A romantic dinner lasts three hours. If you want to feel better with an elegant lady with an open mind, whether it is a restaurant dinner, a dinner at a pub or in another location, you can book one of our girls. Our escorts are true lady, gentle and warm, that you feel well from the first moments.

You have not found the answer ?

If you have not found the answer to your question on this page, we invite you to contact us by phone or via chat and we will gladly provide all current information that you want. Anyway, our escorts know English well, and some even more languages, so you can communicate and ask for what you want.
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Additional F.A.Q. about our escort services, a simple and useful guide

Q1. How do I get myself ready for the lady arrival?
Cleanliness is imperative, so make sure you are showered and have prepared yourself from a physical aspect. This way you will both be relaxed and be able to spend your time.

Q2. What information are necessary to make a booking?
We need your full name, address and telephone number or your hotel details. Discretion is an important part of this business and is assured at all times.

Q3. What are the available methods of payment?
Cash is the only available method at the moment. Our West Midlands agency offer a chauffeur service for transportation to a money point; also, you can transfer money on the spot through internet banking and bank transfer.

Q4. Booking a lady in advance, is it possible?
Yes, it is. To book in advance, you need to fill the form on our website with the details of date, time and where the meeting will take place. Then we will give you a call on the day of the date to confirm with you that you are still available for the booking.

Q5. Why are some of the images of your ladies shown with blurry or out-of-focus faces?
As stated above, discretion and privacy are part of this business! Most of our ladies prefer to keep their activities as a lady away from their friends and family, in an environment suited for this kind of activity.

Q6. I’m wondering if the photos are genuine and if will I meet the lady of my choosing?
Absolutely – What you see is what you get! False advertising would do us harm too.

Q7. I met the lady and changed my mind, do I still have to proceed with the meeting?
No. If you reconsider in the first ten minutes about the lady you have chosen, the booking may be cancelled. A charge in the value of £50 will be incurred to compensate the woman for her time and travel.

Q8. Do your ladies offer services for people with disabilities?
Yes, many of our girls regularly visit clients that have different impediments.

Q9. Am I able to book a lady to travel abroad?
A few of the ladies are available for this type of service. However, we strongly encourage customers who desire this service first to meet the woman for a short appointment and then decide whether or not to making a longer booking.

Q10.It’s my first time with this type of lady, and I’m feeling a little nervous about the meeting.
Don’t worry! Our ladies have excellent personalities and will make you feel great regardless of your experience. Clients often report a feeling of ease and familiarity when meeting one of our girls.

Q11. What happens if I am unsatisfied by the services practised?
If you are dissatisfied with our services, contact Fantasy agency right away, by calling or through the website. If you want to receive refunds, the claim must be legitimate, and the lady must still be in your presence while the request is issued.

Q12. Some of the ladies have tattoo’s when they arrive that are not present on the pictures on the website?
Due to privacy concerns, we do photo cover-up jobs for the girls working at our agency. This way, when family or acquaintances that may access the site will not recognise the West Midlands lady. We regret if this is an inconvenience, but the well-being of the girls is of the utmost importance.

Q13. What is a dinner date and how long does it last?
A dinner date lasts three hours from the moment of the meeting. You may meet at a place of your choosing; restaurants and clubs are popular choices among our clients.The ladies prefers that you two meet outside to exchange pleasantries and any money involved, and then you can show lady to her seat/table.