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Some companions work full time (unfortunately, not at Fantasy Agency, because we want girls to be healthy and rested) and others work part-time. They are students or have another job besides being companions. They may be high school or college graduates, or they may not be studying. For them, this career means a way to meet new people or a way to pay for their education.

The donation varies depending on the individual. It is essential that a female companion must always be elegant and beautiful and must offer a seductive experience. Birmingham escort agencies provide you through the website some necessary information, photos and details about ladies, plus the level of donations depending on the number of hours booked. You should know something about these companions, so it is beneficial to take a look at the site.

When you find out if your favourite escort is available, you can tell them the address of the hotel or the name of the hotel you are in. Many Birmingham hotels use the room key to use the elevator. In this case, it is a good idea to meet with the lady in the lobby of the hotel or even at the restaurant inside the hotel.

One thing you need to mention when booking a escort is the type of dress. Escorts must dress discreetly, but at the client’s request, they can bring specific clothing. You have to choose the lady according to your income, and thus you will be able to live a pleasant experience. This way, you will be relaxed because you will not donate more than you can afford.