If you do not know how to behave when you have booked a hot escort in West Midlands (Birmingham or another city), treat it like any other blind date. Tell the girl she looks good, be friendly, invites her to your room. Give her something to drink, wine, fruit juice or water with ice and lemon. If you are a smoker, tell her that she can smoke, if you are a non-smoker, tell her not to smoke. If she is on the first date with you, she must feel that you are not someone who wants to cause her problems. She will also tell you that you must donate before she can give you her time.

If you’ve used escort services from Fantasy Birmingham Agency before, tell her, and she’ll know that you know the rules. If you have not resorted to this kind of services, tell her and she will give you the information you need. If you are ashamed or nervous, tell her, and she will help you relax. She will explain the rules to you, show you the donation to offer and how long she can stay. Some companions may also tell you that contribution per hour differs depending on the time spent together.

You can start with a joke to become more relaxed. .This is an excellent way to relax the discussion. Most escorts like their jobs: the better they feel with you, the more they will be able to enjoy their job. One tip is to communicate with the lady: tell her what you expect from her, and she will confirm to you if she can fulfil your wishes. After you tell her what you want, it’s time to donate. It is best to put the donation on the table and let the girl take it.

You donate for her time and thus give her a gift because she is a beautiful and attractive woman having fun with you and not with another gentleman. Sometimes, after she has received the donation, she will confirm to the agency that everything is ok. After she has finished with the phone call or the message, her time is yours. Now is the time to relax and talk for a few minutes about trivial topics. You will find it easy to talk to an escort; she is more helpful than a psychologist. These female companions are discreet and anonymous persons, and you can ask them everything you want to know about women.

Many of the Birmingham escorts will be very happy to answer your questions. They will tell you many things adored by women, information that is of real use. Then you can continue the fun as you wish. It is essential always to agree to have fun in a preferred way, as two adults who respect each other. After the time together is over, you can extend the reservation by one or more hours, or you can say goodbye to that girl, thanking her for the unforgettable moments spent together. This way, she will always come back to you with pleasure, every time you book her again. It’s simple, you see?