The perfect balance is sometimes difficult to achieve, as it is always dependent on many factors. What works this week to attract clients in the escort service industry from Birmingham or another city in West Midlands may prove insufficient after a month. You never know what your customers want, so you have to constantly update your profile. A truly effective profile should include an original speech about you, which offers a perspective that speaks directly to your clients. Share with them a few thoughts or feelings from time to time, but without revealing too much about you. It is good to keep an aura of mystery about you and make them curious.

Within the information in your escort profile, you must also tell the client why he should book you, to practically convince him by a few words and with the help of images taken by a professional photographer. If you manage to attract the attention of a certain category of clients from Birmingham or another city, you will enjoy success among them. And don’t forget: a photo is always worth a thousand words.

To be a top female companion, it is important to maintain good physical condition. Make sure that exercise and fitness are a priority for you to have an attractive and sexy physique. Some clients appreciate the flawless physical appearance and charm of a woman; others, however, simply want a woman who best fits their tastes and preferences.

To look good and have perfect photos, do not hesitate to go to the tanning salon in Birmingham or your city. Beauty experts agree that perfect tan is the irresistible advantage that any escort should take in her attempt to attract as many clients. Special tanning sprays are a great way to get a pleasant look without exposing yourself to the rays of the sun. Use this method a few days before a photo shoot to make your image perfect in those photos.

Wear a dress in one colour. Flower patterns or other shapes on dresses and accessories can be tiring for the eyes, especially if you are not a too tall escort. Horizontal stripes can make you look fatter than you are. But the suits of the same colour or in the same colour palette create a pleasant sensation and make you look taller and slimmer. Choose a colour that suits you and create your own identity in the photos. They will be a true business card for you.

Your dresses should be matched with makeup, hairstyle and personality. If one of these components is not at the same level as the other, then there is a discrepancy visible by everyone and especially by customers. You should not forget that for a companion, photos are the biggest advantage in trying to conquer this extremely competitive market. Escorting is a category of services in Birmingham or another city for which the image of those who practice it is extremely important. Nothing in this formula should be ignored, every detail counts, being important both the dress and the physical appearance of that lady. Any female companion can be successful if she constantly cares for her image and regularly updates her online profile.