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    We offer in The Midlands and surrounding areas the most elegant, refined, open-minded and beautiful escorts. Our services are of the highest class. Therefore, we provide contact possibilities at the same level. So, you can contact us by phone (this is the recommended way), chat, email or, if you have no other choice, via the contact form above. We know that we offer a broad range of stunning and sexy ladies, so we believe that sometimes you need help in choosing an unusual escort, according to your wishes. Below we present in detail all the ways to contact the agency Fantasy agency.

    – Phone call: 07478539568 – The phone call is the best and most direct solution to communicate with us. We offer not one, but two phone numbers, that you can see in the header of the Website, and we present and further: the number is 0794 921 38 16. Of course, calls are the standard rate. A friendly operator will answer and will provide you with all the necessary information about our girls. Also, by phone, you can make a booking and present the location where to send your beautiful escort. In this way, you can book girls in last minutes. Also, at these numbers, you can send SMS (standard rates of your network), and we will contact you shortly.

    Chat – Another way to communicate with us ( also excellent ) is represented by booking via chat. You can find the chat at the bottom of the website. The chat allows you to get in touch directly with our staff if you have this option on your phone or computer. An Internet connection and web browser are required. Like the telephone, via chat, you will receive all the necessary information about our models. If the chat is already occupied by another client or is not active, your message will reach the operator and will be answered in no time. Therefore, in such situations, we recommend trying to book our gorgeous escorts by phone.

    Email: [email protected] – In order of importance, the third way is via email. You may ask what information you want via email, but this is a slower way, and in case you want to book escorts, you will need to send via email your phone number, to be contacted for confirmation.

    Other ways to contact – Another way is contact form above. You can also contact us via Twitter. However, we do not recommend these modes of communication, because the response time is delayed. So, use your phone or contact us via chat, are solutions much faster and more efficient to book escorts.

    Anytime you need to relax with one of the most beautiful escorts in The Midlands and surrounding areas, do not hesitate: contact us by one of the methods recommended above and book a gorgeous escort, exactly according to your expectations. We invite you to speak right now with our friendly and understanding operators, who are eager to offer you all pieces of information and help you to book a girl for you, to spend unforgettable moments with an amazing lady!

    Do you want to book ladies? Contact now our friendly agency.

    At Fantasy agency, no matter what the time is, we are always available to take your call. We operate a 24/7 service so whenever the mood takes you, feel free to pick up the phone. Let us know which one of our beautiful ladies you would like to meet and where. If you are not ready to make a booking, but you have some questions you would like to ask about the services, we will be delighted to answer your questions and assist you however we can. We don’t believe there is any problem, just regular customers who have yet to discover why we offer the best Midlands girls.

    Our Friendly Receptionists

    There is nothing more off-putting when you get in touch with an agency, whether you are a potential customer or a gorgeous girl applying for a job than to be greeted by a surly receptionist. Our team believe that our service starts from the very first moment that you get in touch with us. We feel the same way about new working relationships so whether you want more information about becoming a Fantasy or you would like to meet the lady of your fantasies, please do not hesitate to call Fantasy agency at any time. You are guaranteed a warm, friendly welcome, and our receptionists will always deal with your enquiries in a highly professional manner.

    What to Do if You’re Shy

    Some first-time clients can be a little hesitant to pick up the phone and talk to a real, live person. Although there is no need to be shy, we understand that it is a genuine issue for some of you and it is for this reason that we created an online booking form for our clients to use. Fill it to get in touch to confirm your booking request. For first-time customers who are reticent to make the first move, this can be an excellent way to get started. Alternatively, you can send us an SMS using either of the numbers at the top of the ladies in The Midlands page, and we will get back to you straight away.

    Discretion Guaranteed with our ladies

    However you decide to get in touch, there is one thing about which you can be sure. The personal details you provide will always be treated as strictly confidential and will never be shared with any third parties, for profit or any other reason. Our lines of communication have been set up to make a booking without compromising your privacy in any way whatsoever. Don’t let the shy to stop you from having the time of your life; call or email our ladies in Midlands today, safe in the knowledge that what you tell us about yourself and your desires will never go any further.

    Our website offers the most beautiful ladies, ensuring the highest quality service and complete discretion. Since we provide the best girls, but high-quality girls, we always meet our customers’ expectations. We offer the best donation-quality ratio because we do not ask unreasonable donations for luxury Midlands ladies. In this way, our brilliant team are the best choice.

    We do not offer low-quality girls, because in Fantasy agency, by its nature, low-quality services are not provided. If working in a company, in a broader team, a girl is dependent on specific quality requirements. The advantage is that being part of a great team, former low-quality Midlands girls have personal opportunities and conditions. The lady knows she must provide a world-class service, to fit the standards asked by the agency. In this way, clients are assured that they receive a high-quality service. Instead, an independent lady has ensured high demand for her services, safety and ability to evolve in their career, if they decide to offer their time as part of a professional team.