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In the absence of a process of awareness and deepening through assumption, shame is in us, deeply rooted and appears precisely in the most intimate contexts because fantasy is, in fact, a revelation of whatever you mean as a human being. So letting someone else see beyond your body, directly into your soul, and to love you for what you love, no matter how perverse, is a gesture of great courage and authenticity. It is essential to understand that everything is a game for two. We need different partners with alternative desires but who understand us and respect our mechanisms. In the absence of a context of understanding and emotional facilitation, revealing yourself is unimaginable.

Such a partner can be temporary any of the escorts from Birmingham or another city. But why allow the lack of open discussions about fantasies to affect our relationship in this way? Not to discuss what gives us pleasure and security in the couple is, from the beginning, a dysfunctional symptom of the couple’s life. The causes can be various, but the effect is the same: the lack of communication and openness in giving and receiving information or feedback from the person with whom you choose to spend the rest of your life or at least part of it, can only lead to feelings of disappointment, frustration, anger, direct or passively aggressive reproaches and condescension.

When trust is lacking in a relationship, we are no longer partners but only two people who share common goods in Birmingham or another city. Each person has a different degree of tolerance for frustration, but lack of honesty or trust is a vital sign for the couple’s dissolution. These are manifested either by the appearance of an affair with a mistress, a relationship developed in parallel or by distancing or by adopting behaviours that consciously and intentionally hurt the couple to erode him and get rid of suffering. But often, the lack of communication is, in reality, just a screen to run away from the real problems of the couple. These should not be ignored either, as they often reveal more complex causes.

What are the best times and ways to talk about fantasies and what we want (I’m not talking about saying your wishes to a Birmingham escort, I’m talking about your real partner)? There is no specific timeline to address a particular discussion of the couple. For each, something else works, depending on the existing dynamics, preferences and other administrative issues. However, I recommend opting for a few free and quiet moments in the evening, before bed, but not when your partners are exhausted. Or even in the morning, when we are resting and drinking coffee. Also, a dinner for two or an afternoon for a walk in the park is a safe option. It is preferable to avoid crowded places in Birmingham, which do not provide space, peace or comfort, as they can aggravate any discussed situation.

The couple and their partners need to feel safe, listen carefully, and not be exposed more than necessary. How do we discuss such things? It’s the secret that makes the difference between getting what you want and losing everything. It is the fine line between selfishness and altruism, between giving and receiving. Success also comes from exercise because not everyone has learned the language of feelings. So success also comes from learning. An escort can help in this regard to gain the necessary experience in asking things from the partner. You must know to formulate your message in the most appropriate terms, not to offend, but to attract, not to judge, but to seduce, not to blame, but to approach. You learn from the feedback you expressly and constantly ask for. You learn from the understanding and acceptance that sometimes what you have is enough. What you want can be obtained with patience and determination, but sometimes that it’s better to be just a fantasy.

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