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For the fulfilment of fantasies, open discussions contribute to the increase of intimacy in the couple. However, communication can be the one that leads to fine-tuning essential for the mental and physical health of the couple. But self-knowledge is also necessary. It doesn’t matter how you communicate to the other person what your preferences are if you don’t know what you like and what you don’t, what you are willing to try. In other words, the lesson is the same: the more correctly you know and evaluate yourself as a partner, the easier it will be for you to negotiate anything, from choosing the restaurant in Birmingham where to eat to the fantasies you want to experience.

Suppose you do not communicate your expectations, desires and needs in the relationship. In that case, you live with a roommate Who is even at a lesser level of experience than the one offered by an amateur escort. The challenge is this delicate balance between exposing yourself in your accurate colours and empathy and caring for the other, with all its differences and contrasts. The discussions themselves do not produce significant effects but help the attitude of openness, flexibility, acceptance of the other in your intimate space. The willingness to listen, receive information, process it correctly, and then give the other person the chance to manifest in your couple will lead to the permanence of feelings and the construction of a framework of safety and emotional health.

Suppose you know that you have a partner who is willing to ask you and find out what your fantasies are, how he or she can put them into practice, what to change, what to improve, to have initiative and to get involved in your repertoire of desires. In that case, it is a sign of maturity and relational versatility. Not all of us are necessarily artists in this way, but, in the end, this is what we are talking about in a relationship: to become better with each other, to want to grow with each other and with his help, regardless of whether we are talking about the social or emotional sphere. But if you do not find these advantages in your partner, then only a female Birmingham escort can help you temporarily.

But why are we so reluctant to discuss fantasy issues? In an age where we are all more present than ever in the virtual environment, the paradox is ironic because we feel more disconnected and lonely than ever. Socially speaking, taboos arise from this enormous pressure placed on marriages and Birmingham couples to be complex partners: husband, lover, best friend, father, brother, sister and mother. We want to be too many things and people at the same time. Due to such exaggerated expectations, the premise of failure is born. No one can offer you the solution for everything.

The fulfilment of fantasies was and still is a tributary of a mentality associated with shame, embarrassment, restraint, something hidden and talked about in a whisper, something that places us either in the area of ​​dishonest behaviour or passionate extravagance. The reality is that, in privacy, we are all people who want to be validated and accepted for who we are, whether some like to fulfil their fantasies under the moonlight or others are excited by a romantic dinner by a lake. Shame is, however, a treacherous emotion, which we learn from childhood concerning ourselves, but also to our desire.

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