What is the psychological motivation to book one of the Birmingham escorts? But let’s start with the beginning, with the hidden reasons. Shame, fear or the eternal “what will she think of me”? We often get stuck because of social and cultural limitations that have nothing to do with our desires. Fantasies are recommended for mental and emotional health and must be lived as soon as possible. Why don’t we talk about our fantasies or expectations? The way we choose to reveal ourselves to our partners (I’m not just talking about fantasies) is directly correlated with the parental model internalised in our childhood. So we love and reveal our vulnerabilities, desires and needs, exactly as we saw in our parents and as we were taught to live and express them.

If they taught us openness in communication, flexibility, the assertiveness of personal needs, but also attention to the needs of others, then we, in turn, as partners, have developed the resources to communicate and explore in the same way. At the same time, in a couple, the dynamic is born at the intersection between two personal universes; that’s why the connection is subtle and complex sometimes; it needs time and exercise. If a partner (who does not have the expertise of an escort) is willing to express the fantasies but is struck by preconceived ideas, silence or lack of initiative, reluctance will also increase distrust.

In other words, the degree of emotional intimacy in a Birmingham couple depends on each partner’s personality and the creative and versatile ways in which they choose to reveal themselves. This also means fully assuming vulnerability and self-exposure. If the relationship between the partners is more robust, more integrated, empathetic, and based on shared values, fantasies will be fulfilled. But suppose the two partners have radically different expectations, opposed desires, disparate values ​​or different ways of processing and managing emotions and assuming the contribution of the partnership role. In that case, the acceptance of the other’s fantasies will be more difficult. If we add to this cocktail that everyone comes with a baggage of emotional trauma, the recipe for failure is complete.

What can we do in this situation if the revelation of personal fantasies is still taboo, even if the current generations consider themselves evolved from this point of view? How can we eliminate this blockage in communication about our relationship? Unfortunately, sometimes there is no other solution than to change the partner or temporarily find a partner who accepts our wishes and helps us fulfil them without preconceived ideas and without the fear of being criticised negatively.

One such temporary partner can be any of the professional escorts available in Birmingham or another city. By booking and meeting such a lady, your fantasies will become a reality in no time. This way, you can overcome your problems, fulfilling your wishes with a partner who knows what you want. And it’s not just about good communication. Most of the time, a paradox happens. Couple communication is blamed for many of the relationship’s problems, although in reality, it is only a symptom of a deeper cause.

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