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Have fun with our escort agency in this hot summer

How are you, my dear readers ? Did you know that we live in the hottest times? And when I say hot times, literally speaking! Scientists announced today that it has reached a new record temperature, the warmest June in the past 135 years is 2015. The first six months ( Read more… )

The difference between escorts and prostitutes

Because more people are probably confused, we want to make the difference, which is total, between prostitutes and escorts ( or escort agency ). It is not the same activity, and there is no connection between the terms. 1. Escort agencies are offering social services, precisely opportunity to meet people, ( Read more… )

Why we chose FANTASY in our escort agency name?

Fantasies that we imagine regarding love are just one category of meaning of the phrase. Fantasy is the quality of the human mind to invent forms, relationships, properties and actions, different from those encountered in reality. Some philosophers believe that human fantasies are not able to create something entirely new ( Read more… )

Are blondes sexier than brunettes or redheads?

In general, blondes are considered mild, feminine, but also provocative and sensual. Red hair is associated with sin and the volcanic temper. Dark shades and black suggests seduction and melancholy. In the male-female-nightclub equation, it seems that only blondes win. Because they are first choices of men, blondes are sexier ( Read more… )

She likes to feel like a rebellious schoolgirl

Hey, gentlemen, you can find me on Fantasy Escorts. Today I will tell you about my latest fantasy, that is not yet fulfilled. I’d like to meet a gentleman who treats me like a rebellious schoolgirl. I have already prepared schoolgirl uniform, as I would learn lessons from a prestigious ( Read more… )

How to choose an escort for trips

An escort can help you to have a perfect trip, allowing you to enjoy every moment thoroughly. However, it is important to know how to choose a female escort for a successful voyage, especially as you are aware, if you book escorts for extended periods of time, your donation is ( Read more… )

Our airport, a place where your adventure begins

The International Airport ( renamed in 2010 ) is an airport which is located 6.3 miles south-east of the city centre and is almost midway between Manchester and London. From the airport, passengers can take domestic and international flights, with destinations: the European continent, as well as North America, India, ( Read more… )

A business idea: Special Love Hotel

Today I offer a business idea that I think it would be successful. It is a hotel, but not like any other: is one in which you can meet single people who want to do crazy things. The hotel will be decorated with paintings and sculptures with suggestive themes, lots ( Read more… )

Sweet and sexy definition of escorts

The escorts from Fantasy Agency love three things in life: dance, music and men who have the desire for the best things in life. I’m actually wrong: first are men. Are you one of these gentlemen? Do you like brunette escorts, with sexy buttocks? Yes? Then you got the right ( Read more… )

A girl with a hobby: to be the best escort

I’m glad; you are on my page! I feel that you will be the next man that I will meet tonight. I am a very experienced escort. If you read this presentation, I think I drew your attention. I have big breasts, green eyes, know to dress stylishly, but also ( Read more… )

An escort, Amazon fighter reincarnated

If you lived in the Middle Ages and you were a warrior knight, would you have liked to have more women? Do not forget however that was a period when there were Amazons, women’s super sexy and super healthy. They were real warriors with a sword but knew how to ( Read more… )