When I watch a retro western film, I look with nostalgia and admiration for the escorts of that time. But when I look at contemporary companions, I notice that many ladies working through the Birmingham agencies from the West Midlands or other areas have forgotten to be true women. Probably some girls wanted so much to be equal to men, that these companions have lost their inner balance. These companions no longer know to be elegant, educated and feminine ladies. They want to be beautiful and live with the belief that for this it is enough to be very slim and have big breasts.

These women want to be sexy, but they are vulgar. They confuse fashion with style. These escorts have no personality and imitate everything that seems to be popular in Birmingham. Despite the freedom of expression, they wear the same clothes and jewellery anytime and anywhere. I often have the impression that the need for exhibitionism is predominant, otherwise, I do not explain the abundance of opulent jewellery, excessive makeup, and harsh manners. Even perfume is used in excess and always chosen according to the current trend. The hair is often too red, too taped, and the face is mutilated with false expressions. Too much pink, glitter and accessory without logic.

Lack of education and convenience turn some escorts into bad examples. Most companions live with the false impression that just having extremely expensive clothes can be stylish. Just having expensive things their self-esteem is high. Obsession with fashion and excessive makeup are signs of provincialism, such as adopting fashion that does not represent her denotes lack of personality, lack of intuition, lack of good taste. Many companions are concerned about the social rise in Birmingham and their image in the mirror, to the detriment of education and personality development.

Other escorts obsessively compare with other women and become dependent on the approval of others. They complain that men are not able to discover inner beauty, but these companions, however, only highlight their body, not their personality. However, these Birmingham companions want to be beautiful, elegant, admired women but they omit what is essential. Common sense is a fundamental criterion that should help a companion not become ridiculous through behaviour and style. A common sense escort is one who respects herself and respects her partners. It does not display a lack of taste. An elegant companion is stylish anytime and anywhere without any effort because elegance is part of her personality. That is why she will never be surprised to be dressed inappropriately or untidy.

She will not attract attention through a noisy attitude, will not speak loudly. She will look discreetly and will not gesticulate with ample movements. An elegant companion knows how to avoid conflicting situations and will not behave ridiculously. She knows when what and how to speak. She knows that a luxury companion in Birmingham means simplicity, naturalness, discretion, gentleness, sensuality, warmth, good humour, sensitivity, inner beauty. She knows how to become a lady full of mystery, elegance, refinement because food taste helps escorts not to be vulgar companions.