Yes, yes, definitely yes. Escorts are independent (at least at Fantasy Birmingham Agency) and they can choose whether or not they want to meet a customer. Indeed, if a customer is new, neither the girl nor the agency can know what type of customer it is. But after seeing the client once, the lady will know if she wants to meet him again. Reasons, why a companion can reject a customer, are of several types but are usually caused by customer hygiene problems, lack of respect or aggressive behaviour or by trying to invade the lady’s personal life.

Other reasons are the client’s intention to stay longer than the time allocated, without making an extra donation, offering less than needed or refusing to offer the donation. Also, customers who fall madly in love with an escort, and love is unilateral, without that girl having reciprocal feelings, can bother any companion in the UK, not just in Birmingham. Of course, these ladies are not disturbed by the admiration offered by customers if the limits of their personal lives are respected. Also, some clients invest too many donations in the same escort, hoping they will conquer her heart. If the girl realizes this intention, she will refuse to meet that client again to protect both the customer’s feelings and herself.

Of course, the ability to refuse differs from one companion to another. But most escorts in Birmingham have enough discernment to know when to meet and when not to meet a customer again. However, these cases of refusal are rare, as these ladies know when they should not have to meet a customer again. In addition, all ladies working through a company enjoy the opportunity to ask the agency’s receptionist to refuse reservations from certain phone numbers or from specific clients.

So if you want to be a good partner for these companions, if you want to be considered a good customer, if you want to never be refused by Birmingham escorts, then it is a good idea to be a clean (never forget about your hygiene, try to have a fresh breath), polite customer who respects promises made, but also a client who respects the personal life of the lady. If you follow these rules, you will not be the type of customer who is always looking for new girls, but you will meet women with whom you can have a special connection.

A good client will get more intimacy because such a meeting truly enjoys these ladies. This way you will discover that escorts do not prefer fast and simple customers, but they always prefer those men who know to be gentlemen. Any man who fully respects the service of a companion in Birmingham or another city is one who does not waste time on these ladies nor does he try to claim that he is in love with that lady. Of course, this is the ideal customer. But many men also have feelings. However, there must be a limit, a middle way, and everyone will be happy, and these ladies will no longer have to refuse to meet a customer again.