I have often heard the preconceived idea (even here in Birmingham) that men prefer long-haired women. Long hair may be considered more “beautiful”, but that does not make the escort more beautiful. Long hair is actually a style that is more often used, but it does not necessarily mean that it is better. If a woman prefers short hair, why should she comply with common standards? Maybe it’s better to stand out with short hair. A companion’s hairstyle must outline the personality of that girl, not the personality of others or preconceived ideas. So if you have long hair and you want to change your style by adopting a short hairstyle, the Fantasy Agency still has some tips.

First of all, make sure it’s the right time. You are not the only one who fears before a major change in haircut, short hair is not for everyone. If you’re reluctant to make this decision, cutting hair in stages can be a better way to test your emotional response. The decision to cut a substantial length of hair can be scary for a lot of Birmingham escorts. But once you see how fun it can be to change the look, you can become addicted to short hair.

Do not be afraid of the shape of your face. “My face will look too big!” “My face is too round!” “I will look like a beach ball with hair!” These are the excuses that every hairstylist from Birmingham can hear from escorts trying to make the big decision. Ultimately, however, the decision has more to do with the mood than with your face. The key to finding the right style for you is to identify what makes you feel good.

There is not a certain hair texture that will not let you cut it short. You just have to choose a haircut that works with what nature gave you. If you have curly hair, you can cut short portions to reduce weight and leave a few longer curls. Make sure your favourite stylist from Birmingham or any other city cuts off your hair just as much as necessary. Using the shaving machine can cause the fine hair of escorts to look burned, while thicker or wrinkled hair needs unequal heads to not look monotonous and dull. If you take too much of the weight of the fine hair, it may seem devoid of substance.

So it’s good to find the right stylist. Having a bad haircut is unpleasant, but at least you can change your haircut. Do you have a bad haircut when you have short hair? There will be endless days in which you look in the mirror and whispers for the hair to grow faster. The shorter the hair, the harder you can hide the mistakes. A short haircut does not depend on the products you use, or on your tools or style. Cutting is the foundation. Finding a suitable stylist in Birmingham is the key, and it’s not just about finding a good stylist, but one that’s good at the specific style of haircut you’re looking for. Long hair and short hair are two different things, so it’s very important to see the work of a stylist first. If you see a woman on the street with a short haircut you like, ask her who cut her hair and go there. Even a specialist in trimming men may be better suited than someone who works only with long hair.

Rule number one to make a big change of hair is not to tell your stylist what style you want. Show him. The pictures are everything. Do not just show pictures of what you like. Show him also pictures of styles and hairstyles that you do not like. This way your Birmingham stylist can understand what you do not like, even if you can not express that. Be prepared to accept the unseen part. When they cut their short hair, many escorts are shocked by how different it is. You could discover things you did not know about your hair, such as your hair is stretched, which does not bother you when you have long hair.

Be realistic about what hair maintenance means. Similar to when you wear a dress instead of your favourite jeans, arranging short hair can give you the impression that you spend a lot of time to arrange it. So you have to do something (even if all you do is a little oil that you rub with your fingers through hair). Before you shorten your hair, talk to the stylist about how long it takes to care for your hair and think about how long you can spend in front of the mirror for arranging it every morning.

Learn how to arrange your hair will require a few tutorials, so be prepared. When you make your appointment, ask for 15 additional minutes after, and ask your stylist to teach you how to arrange your hair. When you do not have the help of a stylist, spray a little water and rebel hair can be arranged properly. And when all this fails, stop worrying and learn to love your hair. Defeat your fear, otherwise, you will not win. You will end up with the bristled hair if you keep trying to fix it all the time. Be ready for routine. Short hair may actually require more maintenance than long hair because you need to tune it more often. To keep the form and colour of her short hair, any escort in Birmingham needs to schedule a hairdresser every four to six weeks.

Most important to remember: short hair is not forever. You can always have long hair that will grow again. So if you’re one of the independent escorts that collaborate with Fantasy Birmingham Agency, you’ve discussed with us about your total freedom to choose which style suits you. If you work for other agencies from the West Midlands, you should choose a company that allows you to have your own hairstyle. Whether you have long or short hair, you need to enjoy the style that suits you in terms of physical appearance and in accordance with your personality. Only this natural way, which resonates with your preferences, will help you feel good. If the short hair is what you want, the men will feel this, and you will have more customers.