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Diet is essential for escorts

A healthy body is a beautiful body. Therefore, any escort should take care of the types and amounts of food. We all want to eat healthily and everybody makes bigger or smaller efforts in this respect. A healthy diet contains carbohydrates and calories (depending on age and intensity of daily ( Read more… )

The art of escorting: creativity, dedication and passion

Art is, in essence, the deepest expression of human creativity. Difficult to define and evaluate, because each artist chooses his own rules and working parameters, it can be said, however, that art is the result of choosing an environment, a set of rules for using this medium, and a set ( Read more… )

Escorts and roses

A customer asked us if he can offer a bouquet of roses to one of the ladies he has recently booked. He wants to offer those flowers at the next reservation as a sign of admiration. Of course, the answer is yes! Any woman loves flowers, why a companion would ( Read more… )

Escorts with natural or improved breasts?

Men love women’s breasts, they adore any breasts, big or small, natural or artificially improved. A funny study has revealed that only 20% of men look at the woman in her eyes when meets her for the first time. Research suggests that 80% of men look on her breasts for ( Read more… )

The profile of an escort – what you can find on her page

On the website of our Birmingham agency, you will find various galleries with beautiful escorts. These ladies are selected and featured based on specific criteria such as age, hair colour, eye colour, height, cup size, orientation, location, and more. In the galleries, if you click on the representative image of ( Read more… )

Contact Fantasy Escorts through WhatsApp

Another possibility to contact the Fantasy Escorts is to use the well-known WhatsApp platform. The phone number used for WhatsApp by our agency in Birmingham is 0794 921 38 16 (the same number to which you can also send text messages – SMS). Please note that the mentioned application does ( Read more… )

Inspired by a beautiful escort

If you live in Birmingham, this city will always inspire you. It is a place where you will be creative because this citadel pulsates life in every corner. It is a metropolis with beautiful people, with unforgettable places, with a special elegance. But to write well about this unique world, ( Read more… )