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Who are the women who become escorts?

Booking a hot Birmingham escorts is an experience that is becoming more and more common among gentlemen of all ages in the West Midlands. It is an activity that is no longer taboo, but even an experience that many men share with their friends and colleagues. The same phenomenon applies ( Read more… )

Escorting, from preconceived ideas to a successful career

Most of the time, Birmingham society has a misconception about escorts, and we believe that the cause is the lack of knowledge on this subject. The concepts are often mixed, and everything is simplified to the sentence “this girl is a companion who sells services“. From our point of view, ( Read more… )

My tips for escorts

One of the girls who has been collaborating with the Fantasy agency for many years sent us tips that she would share with her colleagues. Below you will find these tips of this companion who has over 15 years of expertise in this profession. “Hi there. Often, various Birmingham escorts ( Read more… )

Discreet escorts for VIP clients

Nowadays, for business people, politicians and athletes, in general for gentlemen with a certain relevance in the media, it isn’t effortless from a social point of view, to flirt or to have an affair with a secretary or a female employee. But in reality, temptation has more disadvantages than advantages, ( Read more… )

Birmingham escorts who speak several languages

Linguists who speak several languages understand that learning a new language, and it’s not so easy. The Tower of Babel, which is a biblical concept that relates the pride and arrogance of man, exposes the problem at the beginning of the spread of languages, which created a great deal of confusion ( Read more… )

Enjoy a glamorous spark of fantasy with bicurious escorts

The routine should not be established in a relationship between two people who love each other. Therefore, stable couples show great interest to meet bicurious companions with GFE attitude. This interest has well-founded reasons, especially since we are talking about girls from Birmingham with a normal presence and appearance, students ( Read more… )