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Luxury female escorts who offer pure passion

The term “luxury escorts” is entirely redundant in Birmingham. Female companions from other small towns would not like to hear this statement too much. But in the world of companionships in our city, a luxury girl meant something else. Today we have talked with several girls from Fantasy Agency and ( Read more… )

A luxury escort is a very special companion

As the name suggests, a luxury escort is an exceptional companion. The Internet is full of profiles of common Birmingham ladies who provide hot services, and many customers are not looking for more. On the other hand, when looking for a perfect evening, we have to put the magnifying glass ( Read more… )

Seven special categories of clients who book luxury escorts

Beauty is indeed the first thing for any female companion, but it is not the only advantage. Yes, in luxury Birmingham escorting, beauty is far from meeting all the requirements necessary to consider that the woman offers a high-quality service. So the luxury companions are not necessarily more beautiful than ( Read more… )

Relieve stress and have fun in Birmingham on Valentine’s Day

The conclusions that Fantasy Escorts Birmingham has observed over the years are that most Brits celebrate Valentine’s Day because they feel constrained by social and commercial pressure. Due to social demand, which urges you to respect the customs of society (the eternal “must do as others”) during Valentine’s Day (two ( Read more… )

Advantages and disadvantages when booking a female escort

For us all, it is clear that booking a female escort in Birmingham, or another city in the East or West Midlands offers more advantages than disadvantages. However, there are sometimes small complaints: for example, the girl is not always nice or well-mannered or does not speak English fluently. So, ( Read more… )

Some escorts are available for only a few days. Why?

We have received this question from a few loyal Fantasy Birmingham clients and feel obliged to answer. These gentlemen and ladies have noticed that some escorts work only for a few days, then these women are no longer available at the agency. The answer is simple, but it needs to ( Read more… )

Lots of new escorts this year

This year 2020 started at Fantasy Birmingham escort agency with a lot of surprises for all the clients of the company. Already over ten new girls have been featured on the agency’s website for the past three weeks. Blondes, brunettes or redheaded women, sweet females with hazel, green or blue ( Read more… )