Fantasy Escorts Birmingham agency launched a new feature on the website. As you know, before we are showing a rating of each companion, according to our opinions. Now we have decided that it is time for the rating to be also in your hand! In each profile, you will find a form for your review and more features that can be rated with stars, from 1 star to 5 stars.

After you’ve written a short (or long) review, click on each of the eight characteristics, to choose the number of stars you want. Fill the captcha code and of course your nickname and click on the “Send your review” button. Your opinion will be published shortly by a moderator, and the number of stars given to each feature will be added to those rated by other customers. Also, your vote will be fully displayed in your review.

On the profile will be presented (to each element) the number of total stars (received from all clients) divided by the number of voters (average). You can vote all girls, not just one. This new rating feature is available for our escorts in all areas, not just in Birmingham. Guests can also vote in this rating system, not just our premium members.

This new feature will help us to improve our services. Also, our companions will be more interested in providing enhanced service to get a higher rating. Your feedback will be useful to other customers, as they will be able to decide which is the better escort objectively. If you want to add more items to vote, please suggest your ideas in the comments of this post.

Also, a simplified system of this new function has been launched for news on our website. There exists a simple element (voted from 1 to 5 stars), representing how you appreciate that post.

Thank you for your feedback and invite you to send your opinion because it matters!