You already know that each escort presented on our website have a dedicated profile. All customers have the opportunity to write reviews because it is useful to learn your experience to improve our services. Also, these reviews can help another gentleman to choose a woman suitable for his needs. Your review is published in anonymous mode; you can choose whatever nickname you want. Of course, your opinion may reflect a negative experience, not just a positive one. As long as the view is expressed in a civilised manner, it is welcome.

Certainly, the comments are proof of respect because a client has considered sending a review, so he spent his precious time to write about his experience. These observations bring personal and emotional joy to any escort when she read the opinion. Besides, these comments will help this girl in her career.

Also, if there are negative comments, will contribute to correct the defects. Some well-written reviews may even lure the reader’s imagination, helping escort again, because it will attract new loyal customers, eager to find out whether they will live the same experience as the one who posted the review. But how detailed should be that comment? How to review an escort?

Of course, most customers post short comments, others longer opinions. In either case, it is not recommended to write intimate details. How you spent your time is your mature decision, no one needs to know in detail your private life. The girls will not describe any experience with you, so the client must provide the same discretion. Also, some girls do not like an explicit description.

It is best to present your experience in a general way to write if you were satisfied with the services. Can you explain if the girl behaved civilised, friendly? Yes, also you can write if this companion was just what you want if she was discreet. You could write if she were sympathetic, punctual if the girl gave you all the needed attention.

You can also make a criticism. For example, you can write that the girl has not smiled at all and that she was grumpy, or that the companion was in a hurry or that the escort did not come dressed elegant or she checked her phone too often. You can write that this girl was not open to your needs. Of course, these are just examples; there may be plenty of other negative or positive experiences.

We will finish here this article with a statement: Fantasy Escorts Birmingham agency thanks you for each review that you sent and your future opinions. So if you book a girl through us, we are always happy to read your opinion about that companion’s services. Do not hesitate to send your review every time you book an escort!