If you think about it, this seems an impossible task. If you think more, it’s not impossible to achieve such a funny record. If you choose to go to bars and clubs, you can have the chance to date seven girls in seven days, but with great difficulty. If you still want to check this on your list of things to do, you probably already know which is the simplest solution, with a success rate of 100%: you just need to book seven companions, one girl every day.

1. Monday: Find a site of escorts in Birmingham, Nottingham, Leicester or in another city where you live. Book a girl for a dinner date. Go to the luxury restaurant and enjoy the best feminine charm.

2. Tuesday: Book a room and call an agency to send you a young girl at the hotel for a fantastic night. A beautiful woman will arrive, and you will have an exceptional time.

3. Wednesday: Choose a nightclub, call your favourite escort company and dance all night with a hot girl full of energy.

4. Thursday: After a night of fun, book a girl for a date at a bar for a coffee and delicious breakfast or see a concert in Birmingham.

5. Friday: Book another girl and go together to play billiards or bowling. Avoid casinos if you want to have money for Saturday and Sunday. Better go to a theme park or try the most realistic girlfriend experience.

6. Saturday: It’s time to go to a picnic. Choose an escort who loves to get out in nature and do sport. Eventually, you can walk through a park full of flowers.

7. Sunday: Call the agency and book the hottest girl for a date at home. For example, you can watch a movie together; you can play strip poker; you can have fun all night.

So it’s simple. Can you have seven dates in seven days in a row? :)