We asked some of our escorts what advice would give to all men who want to impress a girl in a club. Below you find the answers.

Inna: “You’re in a club. You see a sexy girl dancing. She is alone; there is not a boy who dances with her. If you want to impress a woman, my advice is: do not be drunk. Bacchus drinks help you have courage, but you will not make a good impression. Of course, she also drank alcohol, but if she’s still able to dance, that means she’s not drunk. So do not be rude. Tell a compliment or two compliments. Do not say compliments about boobs. If she smiles, even laughs, you’re almost a god of love.”

Luna: “To impress the girls in a club is much easier than it looks. A girl, when she goes to the club, knows for sure that will attract glances. That’s why this girl loses at least one hour to choose the right clothes. She wants to attract the attention of men. Normally, she would pretend to be a person without such interests. She can be arrogant or will simulate indifference. But, if you’re elegantly dressed and clean, not as a homeless, she will feel better when, after so many smiles, you’ll go to her to talk.”

Maria: “Invite this girl to take a break from dancing and ask her for a short time with you. Even if she’s exhausted, she loves to dance, so she will not stop soon. Invite that girl to give you a 5-minute break to drink a cocktail or what she likes to drink. Perhaps she will refuse and will explain that now is her favourite song. If she responds in this way, maybe all the songs are her favourites, and she does not want to stay with you. But if she looks at you when you leave, try again when it’s a little quieter. If she refuses again, then try with another girl.”

Adeline: “The biggest mistake is to ask if she has a boyfriend. If you ask her in the first minute if a friend accompanies her, it is clear that she thinks: This guy is a loser, he is not able to fight to win my love. Or maybe he is a coward or a fool. Well, if I had a boyfriend, I was dancing without a partner one hour? :) Better tell her that you like the way she dances, proposes some cool clubs where people dance freely, invite her to go with you. Of course, you should not invite in another club in the first 5 minutes, but after you have talked longer. She will reply that she is too tired to go to another club or does not know you well enough. Then you attack: If you’re tired, let’s relax in a bar with a coffee. If the girl accepts your invitation, it will be easier to invite her to your home. If she agrees or will ask you to accompany her, you have one chance. Do not miss. :)”

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