Fascination of the first date with a female escort

If you live in Birmingham, it is almost impossible not to hear about escort agencies in the city. However, many have not booked a girl so far through an agency in this city. There are even gentlemen who have never met a female companion. Some even have the preconceived idea ( Read more… )

All these amazing escorts are exclusive here

All our escorts available in Birmingham and any other city in the West Midlands or other areas are exclusive here at Fantasy Agency. These women do not work at the same time at other agencies. It is one of the basic rules of our company. Whenever we find out that ( Read more… )

Should I book a female escort for my wife?

If your wife wants to meet an escort, our immediate advice is to agree. If it’s her idea, you have to agree that your wife will explore this experience, whether you accept it or not. So it’s better to start looking for a female companion in Birmingham, but a truly ( Read more… )

Stereotypes: Do all escorts have the same personality?

Meeting a girl can be complicated, but booking a hot Birmingham escort should be relaxing and simple, a satisfying time. There should not be a profound conflict between emotions and desires when you meet a nice companion. However, the fulfilment of the desires depends on several factors, including the client’s ( Read more… )

Can escorts refuse to meet a customer again?

Yes, yes, definitely yes. Escorts are independent (at least at Fantasy Birmingham Agency) and they can choose whether or not they want to meet a customer. Indeed, if a customer is new, neither the girl nor the agency can know what type of customer it is. But after seeing the ( Read more… )

We offer advice, but you choose the right escort!

Stop waiting for someone to meet, here you find super-women! Do not waste your time with unsuccessful attempts, better book now an escort: the Fantasy agency offers you the most glamorous women’s gallery in the city of Birmingham and other cities in the Midlands. Whether you just want to chat, ( Read more… )

Three secret spices for top escort services

When you book a hot companion in Coventry, Birmingham or another city in the UK, the services offered may have a different degree of satisfaction from one lady to another. Sometimes you feel that some escorts have a vital force that gives you energy and comfort. Sometimes, the time spent ( Read more… )

A 5-star party with high-class escorts

When you think of organizing a party in Birmingham with exquisite women, with hot or extravagant ladies, if you book a few professional escorts it will be a very good idea. If you want to organize the best party in your life, it is not enough to hire the best ( Read more… )

New escorts this hot summer through the Fantasy agency

You’ve already noticed that this hot summer has exponentially increased the number of new ladies who have begun working at the Fantasy Birmingham agency. In the last few months, almost every week, at least 10 escorts have applied to work through our company. After rigorous selection, at least 2-3 ladies ( Read more… )

Good taste helps escorts not to be vulgar companions

When I watch a retro western film, I look with nostalgia and admiration for the escorts of that time. But when I look at contemporary companions, I notice that many ladies working through the Birmingham agencies from the West Midlands or other areas have forgotten to be true women. Probably ( Read more… )

Become a high-class escort

Every escort wants to be admired by gentlemen. But first of all, she must admire herself before anyone else does it. She has to like the way she looks, she must be proud of her beauty. She must believe she is the most beautiful companion in Birmingham. There are women ( Read more… )

When did you last dance with a beautiful escort?

When did you last dance? Please do not argue that you do not like dancing alone and that you did not have a partner, this is not an excuse. There are many escort agencies in Birmingham that can help you meet a beautiful girl ready to dance with you. Also, ( Read more… )

Smile is the secret ingredient of any escort’s charm

Of all the facial expressions, a smile is the most effective and straightforward way of saying, “I like you, I feel good in your presence.” A smile sends confidence to your partner. Through the smile, an escort also projects warmth and self-esteem as the key to a successful romantic booking. ( Read more… )

Escorts must avoid these behaviours

The services of an escort in Birmingham or any other city are strongly influenced by the feelings of each of the two partners. Therefore, misconduct can diminish customer satisfaction. Any female companion must avoid such behaviour. Here are the five most common mistakes of escorts. The companion has no initiative ( Read more… )

The perfect escort of the XXI Century

One of the undesirable rules that modern society has imposed on female escorts is the obsession for perfection. In a constant effort to be adored, many companions try to offer the perfect experience. But if a customer is unhappy, that companion becomes even more obsessed with the alleged problems she ( Read more… )

Diet is essential for escorts

A healthy body is a beautiful body. Therefore, any escort should take care of the types and amounts of food. We all want to eat healthily and everybody makes bigger or smaller efforts in this respect. A healthy diet contains carbohydrates and calories (depending on age and intensity of daily ( Read more… )

The art of escorting: creativity, dedication and passion

Art is, in essence, the deepest expression of human creativity. Difficult to define and evaluate, because each artist chooses his own rules and working parameters, it can be said, however, that art is the result of choosing an environment, a set of rules for using this medium, and a set ( Read more… )

Escorts and roses

A customer asked us if he can offer a bouquet of roses to one of the ladies he has recently booked. He wants to offer those flowers at the next reservation as a sign of admiration. Of course, the answer is yes! Any woman loves flowers, why a companion would ( Read more… )

Escorts with natural or improved breasts?

Men love women’s breasts, they adore any breasts, big or small, natural or artificially improved. A funny study has revealed that only 20% of men look at the woman in her eyes when meets her for the first time. Research suggests that 80% of men look on her breasts for ( Read more… )

The profile of an escort – what you can find on her page

On the website of our Birmingham agency, you will find various galleries with beautiful escorts. These ladies are selected and featured based on specific criteria such as age, hair colour, eye colour, height, cup size, orientation, location, and more. In the galleries, if you click on the representative image of ( Read more… )

Contact Fantasy Escorts through WhatsApp

Another possibility to contact the Fantasy Escorts is to use the well-known WhatsApp platform. The phone number used for WhatsApp by our agency in Birmingham is 0794 921 38 16 (the same number to which you can also send text messages – SMS). Please note that the mentioned application does ( Read more… )

Inspired by a beautiful escort

If you live in Birmingham, this city will always inspire you. It is a place where you will be creative because this citadel pulsates life in every corner. It is a metropolis with beautiful people, with unforgettable places, with a special elegance. But to write well about this unique world, ( Read more… )

The most stylish escorts offer the greatest satisfaction

Stylish dresses, accessories, make-up and cleanliness play an important role in the impression you can make to others, but these features are not everything. It matters a lot, obviously, the attitude you have. Do you want to know more about how to be an escort with style? Then it’s time ( Read more… )

Escort agencies, the optimal choice for quality time

Some people prefer to book an escort through a Birmingham agency, other men or women prefer direct booking or through third-party people even if in the second situation the reservation is made with a high degree of risk. Few understand the dangers they pose when they make a direct reservation, ( Read more… )

You’re happier when you meet a woman

Do you prefer material happiness or real happiness? Do you like more to buy an item or want to meet a beautiful woman? I have often met people in Birmingham who say: “I’m happy because I bought a new…”  But is true happiness based on material items? We notice that ( Read more… )

Incall versus Outcall in Birmingham

Every client of a Birmingham escort agency knows there are two types of reservations: outcall and incall. Some agencies offer outcall bookings, others incall, others both. In the case of outcall reservations, those girls come to your home or to the location you choose. In the case of incall bookings, ( Read more… )

Life must be lived with double passion

Every gentleman deserves more. More from life, more desire, more satisfaction. Not just a little better, but double fun. There are many ways of entertainment in Birmingham, but nothing compares with a quality time spent with a beautiful and friendly woman. In fact, there is an exception: spend your time ( Read more… )

Why is customer satisfaction for Fantasy Escorts really important?

For Fantasy Escorts Birmingham, customer satisfaction is of vital importance because it is closely linked to new reservations in the future, loyalty and profitability. If a gentleman is satisfied with a lady’s services, there is a greater likelihood that the client will reserve a new girl through our company. Unsatisfied clients show ( Read more… )

Book the finest outcall escorts in Birmingham

Gentlemen who want to spend quality time in Birmingham with a woman often try to meet a partner that matches their preferences. Those who have tried a number of different methods finally discover that booking a hot escort is the fastest and safest method, but also the right route to satisfaction ( Read more… )

Where do you find verified escorts in Birmingham?

In the abundance of websites that display escort ads, it’s getting harder to choose verified ladies. Customers want quality services: a typical service involves reserving a beautiful, hot, clean girls that offer full privacy. It is clear that escorting gains popularity in Birmingham, but it is becoming increasingly unclear for ( Read more… )