In the world of escorting, where the fine lines between personal interaction and professional service often intertwine, the ability to identify time-wasters becomes paramount. Just as any other professional values their time and expertise, escorts too deserve respect and serious clientele. So, how do seasoned escorts in the UK discern genuine clients from those merely there for a fleeting chat or to satisfy idle curiosity? Let’s delve into the artful strategies employed by these skilled individuals.

1. Vague Communication:

One tell-tale sign of a time-waster is imprecise or ambiguous communication. Genuine clients usually have clear questions and are decisive. In contrast, time-wasters often beat around the bush, ask irrelevant questions, or continuously change their requirements.

2. Reluctance to Share Information:

While discretion is crucial in the escort industry, a client who is overly secretive or hesitant to share basic information necessary for a meeting (like a contact number or booking details) raises red flags.

3. Haggling Over Rates:

Professional escorts set their rates based on various factors. Someone excessively haggling or attempting to negotiate a “better deal” often indicates a lack of seriousness or respect for the escort’s value.

4. Overly Curious About Personal Details:

While building rapport is essential, crossing boundaries isn’t. Time-wasters often probe too much into an escort’s personal life or share excessive details about their own, which isn’t relevant to the professional interaction.

5. Delaying Commitment:

Repeatedly postponing bookings, being indecisive about dates, or making a series of excuses can be a sign that the individual is not genuinely committed to making an appointment.

6. Excessive Messaging Without Booking:

While initial inquiries and clarifications are standard, a person who keeps messaging without making a firm booking is likely wasting time. Genuine clients understand the importance of an escort’s time.

7. Unwillingness to Follow Screening Processes:

Most professional escorts have a screening process to ensure their safety. Genuine clients respect and adhere to these processes. Those who dodge them are either not serious or have ulterior motives.

8. Gut Instinct:

Often, an escort’s intuition is their best guide. Over time, they develop a keen sense of identifying who is genuine. If something feels off or too good to be true, it probably is.

9. Unsolicited Inappropriate Content:

Sending unsolicited explicit content, especially without a prior agreement or discussion, is not only disrespectful but also a clear sign of someone who isn’t genuinely interested in a professional interaction.

10. Overemphasis on Anonymity:

While discretion is a given, there’s a fine line between being discreet and being evasive. Those overly concerned about anonymity to the extent that it hinders basic interaction might be time-wasters.

11. Checking with Peers:

Many escorts in the UK maintain networks where they can share experiences or seek advice. Checking with peers about specific clients can sometimes help identify time-wasters.

12. Frequent Cancellations:

Life happens, and sometimes clients need to cancel. However, someone who frequently cancels at the last minute or provides a string of implausible excuses is likely not genuine.


For escorts, who merge the spheres of personal interaction with professional service, time is invaluable. Identifying time-wasters not only preserves their mental well-being but also ensures that they can dedicate themselves fully to genuine clientele who respect and value their services. In the dance of escort-client interactions, being able to discern the genuine from the disingenuous is a skill honed over time, and it ensures that the profession remains both rewarding and respectful.