Hello friends! After a month’s break, we are back on the blog to announce more news, including a new website design and the progressive web application of our online platform (we provide details in a separate detailed article about our PWA). It was an intense month of work, but the results are satisfactory for us, and we hope for you. We will detail these changes below.

As more and more clients asked us to change the dark design of our online platform, we decided to profoundly modify the colour palette of our escort agency’s website in Birmingham. The new version of the template is different compared to the previous colours. The background is now white, and before, it was black. The texts are black or dark brown; before, these texts were white. We kept the gold tones and added new ones, which have the colour of cognac. In this way, everything is more modern, but at the same time, the site keeps the luxury it had before.

Moreover, the site is relaxing, as any online platform of an escort agency should be. This was also the main reason we changed the colour palette: it is more comfortable when you read blog articles or descriptions of the skills of agency ladies.

In addition, we have optimized the site for 4K and 8K resolutions, which few escort sites in the world have managed to do. Thus, the letters and graphic elements do not become extremely small when someone accesses the website with a device, laptop or television of the latest generation, which can display Ultra HD resolutions.

Another necessary change concerns the size of the buttons on the website, which has been adapted to be easier to touch on mobile devices. Even if these buttons remained relatively unchanged in size on devices with large screens, the changes are visible on any iPhone or Android device or other operating systems you use on a device with a small screen. It will no longer be difficult to press a button because the size of these buttons corresponds to the extent that it can easily be pressed with a finger.

We have completely redesigned the interface for premium users to only include administrative elements strictly related to your user account. Here, users can update their accounts, including changing their email addresses, password, and privacy settings or even delete their accounts on the website. Users can subscribe to the newsletter from the same account page, for example, for email messages when new ladies join Fantasy Escorts. If you change your mind later, you can unsubscribe using the form on the same page or simply clicking on the “Unsubscribe” link in any newsletter message you receive from us. Remember that we disabled all subscriptions activated when premium users create accounts on our website. That’s why we ask you to resubscribe for free manually, opting for this service if you want it.

A new design of the banner, the agency logo and the favicon, both on mobile devices and laptops and PCs, have been implemented on the website. The menu remains glued to the upper part of the screen for more straightforward navigation when you scroll down the pages. Many other technical optimizations have been implemented simply for the site’s speed. Also, hundreds of small, less visible changes have been made to Fantasy Escorts Birmingham’s online platform theme. We have done everything to make browsing the site more straightforward and comfortable, and we hope the new changes meet your preferences.