We believe in a world where people will buy the services they need and want when it is most convenient. We want to make this one step closer in real life with the Fantasy Birmingham Escorts Agency, which will offer you the possibility of booking your ladies without leaving home.

One of the ways to do so is through a mobile application. Many businesses decide to invest in a native app when they can launch their business on a mobile website. It’s no secret that apps perform much better than websites regarding speed and offline usability (main reason). But building a native app is costly, time-consuming and complex, especially if you want your app to be unique from the millions existing. In addition, the official application stores do not accept proposals from online platforms from the escort industry.

The benefits of our web application

So we decided to launch the progressive web application, which offers you the same feeling and the same way of use as a native application, but has the added advantage that, if you have already accessed certain pages of the site using the app, these pages remain stored in the cache of your device (phone, tablet, etc.) and will work even when you don’t have an internet connection!

There are many other benefits of having software installed on your phone. Progressive Web Applications are web applications designed to work across multiple platforms, like mobile and desktop, and are built with modern web technologies.

Standard benefits:
– search for escorts by location
– view the gallery of ladies
book hot ladies

Emotional benefits:
– no more browsing through escort websites
– always find the proper lady for you
– be safe and sure about the lady you’re going to meet

Installing Fantasy Escorts PWA on Android and iOS

Our web application is easily installed on Android devices by pressing the button at the bottom of our website, where the text “Add to home” is displayed. This button will no longer be displayed after you install the application. But you can access the application from the screen of your Android device. Of course, you will still be able to use the website through your favourite web browser, not only via the application environment.
Since Apple Safari offers only partial support for progressive web applications, starting with the IOS 11.3 operating system, there will not be an automatic request to add our application to the startup screen, as it happens on Android. That’s why you’ll have to add the app manually by clicking on the “Add to home screen” button that you can find in Safari’s share menu, more precisely, a square icon with an up arrow.

Thank you for using the Fantasy application

Fantasy Escorts is one of the best agencies in Birmingham: we provide stunning and sophisticated companionship to gentlemen who wish to meet the lady of their dreams, now also through a mobile application. Browse the lady’s gallery and book your date with one or more at our agency app. You can easily choose the lady you find appealing by visiting the site via the progressive web application.

Whenever a new lady arrives on our team, we update her details here on this app providing the latest details and fresh pics so you can visit anytime. The advanced PWA booking option provides extra advantages for you. In addition, it will assure you of unlimited fun, offering at the same time even more privacy than browsing through a web browser.

Fantasy Agency always keeps it cool and inviting on our website. Now you can keep up with us no matter where you use your phone. Start using our progressive web application today!