Do you prefer material happiness or real happiness? Do you like more to buy an item or want to meet a beautiful woman? I have often met people in Birmingham who say: “I’m happy because I bought a new…”  But is true happiness based on material items? We notice that it is wonderful to live, breath, talk, walk, meet a beautiful woman. This happiness is not caused by the purchase of goods. You are happy because it is a spiritual element that comes from yourself, like water flowing from the mountain.

For most people, happiness is related to possessions: homes, money, glorious decorations. No, true happiness does not depend on any object, it comes from inside you, and you will be amazed to discover in yourself, unquestionably, this wonderful state of consciousness. You feel this sensation and you do not even know why. Here’s the real happiness.

Because we are on Earth, we are bound to look at things from Earth’s point of view. We see the sun rising, the stars moving, the moon too. That’s because we’re in the geocentric plane. But if we hypothetically reach the sun, to know the true reality, you will see that everything is different: the earth is the one that rotates. Yes, that’s another truth. So what we initially felt to be true, in fact, is not true.

Everyone thinks they know what it means to be happy. But I will show you that happiness is different. For example, someone was at a luxury restaurant in Birmingham, Northfield or another area. He says, “Oh, how happy I was that I ate expensive food, something I liked!” But that happiness does not last forever. It’s for a moment, for a few minutes.  That’s what everyone knows. But does he still feel happy after he left the restaurant? Not every sensation that allows you to enjoy yourself a bit, to relax a bit, means happiness: you confused happiness with a sensation.

You walk, sing, dance, meet a beautiful girl, she smiles, but you have not received anything material – no gift, no money, nor anything like that. There are moments of this type during the day when you’re happy. Happiness is, therefore, a state of consciousness that can take a moment, but it can take even longer. It is a state of consciousness that we can provoke in different ways: definitely, a woman that meets your preferences, even a gorgeous escort, can give you moments of happiness.

Not every partner can bring you happiness, but only those people who offer you the affinity to live in unison with each other; to exchange, to understand, to unite, to mix, that is, to vibrate in unison, to have the affinity to be able to be together. So, you can have real happiness. As love is the essence of happiness, then, in order to have this lasting happiness, you must find lasting love.

So, until you find long-lasting happiness, try the fragrance of short-term happiness: it’s that happiness that meant inner joy, not material things. If you spend a wonderful evening with a beautiful woman in Birmingham, even one of the girls from Fantasy escort agency, you will definitely feel the real happiness, that happiness born from the relationships or from the smile of a girl, from the words she said with her sweet lips. We guarantee that this is a happiness that will exist in your memory many days after; because it is the real kind of happiness that you feel with your consciousness and mind.