I have often heard some friends that have booked escorts, but these men sometimes felt no passion. How is that possible, when you have a beautiful woman on your arm? The researchers conducted a study on 1,000 men from Birmingham ( West Midlands ) and found that lack of passion might have cause some food. So before you blame the lack of time or partner, look carefully in the refrigerator to see if you eat harmful foods, negatively affecting blood pressure and your libido. See the list below and you’ll know what to eliminate from your diet to regain the passion.

1. Carbonated sweet drinks

If you want passionate nights, giving up bottle of carbonated soda! Drinks contain artificial sweeteners. Although companies argue that no studies confirming the harmful effects of artificial sweeteners juice on the body, moreover, states that aspartame inhibits the secretion of serotonin ( “happiness hormone” ) and can cause headaches, anxiety and irritability. In other words, it turns you into a grumpy full of gas – that is not exactly what you need when you meet an escort in Birmingham or in another city. Want to receive the wisest advice? Restrain yourself from this type of juices before a romantic evening. Do not drink sodas if you plan to book an escort tonight.

2. Alcohol

Of course, a glass of juice can help you get rid of inhibitions, relaxes you and makes you feel sexy. Too much alcohol will help you embrace the toilet. When you go out with a girl in the club, stop after 1-2 alcoholic drinks.

3. Fast-food

Shaworma lovers probably hate me now. Things are simple as hello: we must not forget that pizza, burgers, fries are full of calories, saturated fat and additives. All this makes insulin secretion was going crazy. Solution: stop eating fa(s)t-food and gives your body a break. Do you think that’s a huge sacrifice? Think of the success you’ll have in women, if you have a flat stomach. Escorts will not reject you if you’re a fat man, but most ordinary girls have not really an open mind and they will reject you if you’re a big guy. I speak from my experience. :)

4. Coffee

Passion means thrill and excitement, but if you drink too many stimulants can affect drastically over time the adrenal glands. Instead you feel full of energy, you will become agitated and stressed. Instead of drinking three cups of coffee per day, limit yourself to one (come on, two with indulgence) and replaces the third with a herbal tea or water with lemon.

However, passion and libido are successfully annihilated by any full dinner, not only by these four foods exemplified above. So you want to enjoy the love? Test what I said previously, then book an escort tonight.