I enjoyed a dinner date at a restaurant in our town and sat outside at a table with one of your excellent companions, a gorgeous girl with whom I felt great. At one point, I noticed an older couple dancing. They were beautiful and euphoric. I enjoyed their happiness and not a single moment I thought there was something wrong, even if the restaurant was not one that usually you can dance. But they had no stress. They were in their world. And they were very nice.

At the next table, four young girls were whispering and laughing at those two who dance, like they were doing something indecent or crazy. I looked around and realised that not everyone enjoys the right mood of the two. Some looked strange as if the two were doing something to bother.

Then I realised that some do not accept happiness and good mood of others. What, huh? If tomorrow you see a couple dancing on the street or in a public place, do you consider that the two are out of your mind, drunk or drugged? Honestly?

Then I decided to dance too. I invited my escort, and I started dancing with the old couple. We began to be regarded with wonder. Halfway through the song, another couple started dancing with us. I was already three couples.

The band began singing a love song, and two other couples began to dance with us. I can say that after 10 minutes, almost all restaurant started dancing. It was a fantastic experience!

I think we should learn to enjoy the joy of others. Not to be refractory to what is beautiful, to love people, to their happiness. Encourage them with smiles and applause and join them. People are so nice when they are happy!

Thank you, Fantasy, for this particular evening!