Sometimes between two people is born a particular connection. This phenomenon can also happen when you book an escort (is normal if you have significantly appreciated the time spent with that companion). So, customers who want to meet the same woman again is a further evidence of this connections. A man can feel the chemistry of attraction but must be fulfilled several conditions:

1. First, the appearance must be neat and clean. Certainly, a client who meets a girl with dirty clothes will not book this escort again. Makeup should be done tastefully, should not be excessive. A woman can do their makeup as she likes, but not in a ridiculous way. Pedicure must match the rest of makeup; only in this way, the customer will feel that he met a beautiful girl.

2. Secondly, the client must feel tinglings and sparks, the thing called “attraction”. Except when a person is attracted to someone else just naturally, this feeling is usually created artificially by a joyful and optimistic personality. A girl who always smiles quickly opens the way to the customer’s heart. If the escort is sad and is thinking about her worries, she will not make a good impression.

So, the girl must be present in body and soul, to try to create a direct connection with the customer. She must want to stay with the client. If the girl does not want this, if she always looks at her watch, that companion will not create an atmosphere of stability and relaxation. A customer examines the behaviour of an escort, even if he does it unconsciously. So, always matter how this woman speaks, looks, moves and smiles.

3. Thirdly, the escort must provide satisfaction. Customer’s needs must be fulfilled in a significant percentage, depending on the time available. Therefore, there must be good communication between the girl and her partner. If she does not have the ability to guess what the client wants, she should ask. The customer must feel that his needs are the primary purpose of her services.

These are essential principles in selecting our escorts in Birmingham and other cities. It is no secret; these are also the three golden rules that determine our customers to come back and book the same girl again. Discreetly and promptly, the business philosophy of Fantasy agency is an additional argument to book the same lady again, to enjoy moments of relaxation.