More customers have asked us why some escorts in the Midlands or Birmingham or other areas of the UK are “On Holiday”. We understand that you want very much to meet your ideal woman again, but these girls are also people, and we respect our colleagues wish to take a break for various reasons. These reasons are not secret, and we’ll reveal.

One reason is that she only goes on a trip for fun. Everyone needs such moments of relaxation. On other occasions, some girls accompany a client for a week or two when going on a journey for business. Or just, the escort take a rest break for her hobbies.

In other situations, these girls need free time to solve their personal problems or are involved temporarily in other projects in their lives. Other girls have exams at university or other similar situations. Other escorts practice this profession only for pleasure and extra socialising, only on certain days of the week or month, in real life having another stable job.

Therefore, in this period, we maintain active the profiles of our colleagues, but we display the text ‘On Holiday’. If within 30 days (and in exceptional cases 60 days) in a row, this member cannot return to activities reserved through our agency, then we will delete that profile, which will no longer be displayed on the website our company.

When the girl returns to daily activities in The Midlands through the Fantasy agency, the text “On Holiday” is disabled in the profile. Hoping that we provided useful answers, thank you again for your feedback!