In the world of escorts that were yesterday, which exist today or will be in the future, one of the critical questions that were, is and will be until the end of time, is this: why is it preferable to be a favourite client of a female companion from Birmingham or another city? Many times, as you already know, we talk with various escorts from Fantasy Agency. We often speak to them to find out the truth about this world of female companions and not typical comments that don’t interest anyone. The post we are writing now likely arouses a keen interest for regular customers and the girls who meet very often with them.

Not everything that shines is gold: even if the girl sometimes receives significant donations, she does not do everything just for the sake of money. She is not obliged to keep quiet about her tastes, even if she receives a donation. Not all men are of the same shape, so it is not obligatory for a man, no matter how sexy and elegant, to please any female companion. Of course, most top Birmingham escorts, we must admit, do not express their personal preferences. They do not say that they prefer men with black hair or blue eyes; they are just trying to provide quality time to the client.

This principle is not a general rule, and sometimes she meets a client who matches that escort’s preferences, and he becomes her favourite client, who may have certain privileges. If his accompaniment is delightful, she is more open to giving him unique experiences, simply because she is happy to be with him longer. Sometimes she tells him directly that he is her favourite client, sometimes she doesn’t tell him, but the lady gives him the best moments she can offer. But let’s see what the girls said.

Alexa, a girl from the UK, says she prefers to meet her favourite clients. Even though she doesn’t always know much about their lives, few men get to see the soul of an escort: “The girl and the client live a fantasy, and they cannot leave this scene unless there is a lot of confidence and they are comfortable discussing real things before or after the meeting. I do not tell details about my life, but sometimes I make exceptions“, says Alexa.

I prefer the girlfriend experience, or as this is called in the escort industry in Birmingham, GFE. If a client knows how to receive this counselling I offer, then he has every chance to become my favourite client. Even if the real GFE is a costly service, on the other hand, if you are one of my favourites, I will give you this experience with all my generosity“, says Antonia, an Italian female companion.

At this point, we get to the heart of the problem: what are the secrets to being a favourite customer? If you think about several apparent reasons that convince most of the accompanying girls in Birmingham that a man becomes the ideal client, you are deceiving yourself. There is nothing to plan in your mind to attract the girl’s sympathy. But we can tell you what not to do: do not rush the meeting, because the comfort and the haste do not go well together, especially if a pleasant and imaginative environment is needed.

Also, avoid giving them gifts, even if it is tempting. The donation is sufficient. Artemi, an Egyptian escort, tells us that she receives “a lot of gifts, expensive and bright, but often absolutely horrible. Why not ask me about my tastes before spending a small fortune on something so ugly? If you want to make a gift is simple: ask us before buying an expensive gift. Perfumes, lingerie, high heels, jewellery, are not necessary if we do not like these things“.

Another plus to becoming a favourite client is hygiene. Well, that was a reason to expect, right? In our conversation, many girls talked to us about body smells more or less pleasant and about the shower needed, but which is sometimes missing for some clients in Birmingham. For Andra, a Catalan escort, this is a significant issue: “There are customers who have a powerful body odour. I wonder why he would prefer to use a whole perfume, or it would be best for him to take a shower just before the meeting. The same hygiene he finds in me is an important step for my clients to become my favourites“.

Avoid embarrassing questions: many clients want to talk to the lady for a while, but they choose the wrong topics of conversation. As I have shown, dating a female companion is a maximum fantasy, and if the client asks questions about her real-life or how many men she has met today, it will break the romance. So basically, do not overwhelm the girl with inappropriate questions. Dating an escort is not a routine procedure: pay attention to hygiene, do not be curious about her intimate life and if you have questions about her tastes, to make a gift, ask in advance. Using these tips, you can start to be part of this category of her favourite customers, who benefit from the best services.