“Why did I choose to be an escort? I am passionate about this profession because I like it very much. Ever since I turned 18, I have wanted to be a female companion. I found it incredibly interesting to meet new people in Birmingham who would donate me to give them my time. So everything I imagined, all my dreams and hopes, this job helped me turn them into reality. It wasn’t easy, but now it’s easy. Because only this moment of success matters to us when we can be whatever we want, and the door to sad life closes behind us. It was the moment when I was teleported from my former dull life into a world full of fun, socialisation, happiness and fulfilment. I hope that these moments will remain in my heart forever.

Over time, I have found it incredibly appealing to talk to attractive men, be fascinated by having fun, and gain so much experience and inspiration from these dates as a female escort in Birmingham or any other city. This was my chance to give up all false rules and to be able to be just a free woman. I’ve had enough of regular dates in my life, and I have to admit that they aren’t for me. I’ve had the best partners of my life at meetings mediated by agencies such as the Fantasy company (I admit, I’ve worked at other agencies as well). I have no idea why, but I know that other courtesans feel the same way. Maybe the man is not under the same pressure to perform as on a regular date, so he suddenly becomes more passionate.

It is said that every man or woman works for their money. But some work on something they are good at and enjoy. I think I fall into both categories, so I’m a happy case. I am good at what I do, and I want it a lot, but it is also a job for me. This job helps me invest and fulfil my dream of buying a wonderful big house in my home country, where I will retire in the future to enjoy my children and grandchildren. I don’t live in luxury at the moment because I don’t even want to get used to it, but I don’t dispute that the goal is to have a quiet and flawless life. Of course, I’m not addicted to earnings because if I had to choose that path, I would have a big problem: under this pressure or coercion, I could no longer have fun as a female escort.

So many Birmingham women are under financial or other pressure, and as a result, they have too many dates. Therefore, they feel tired and no longer enjoy this job, and such a life would seem terrifying to me. I would never agree with this concept. For me, meeting someone is inseparable from my feelings. This is possible for me only based on desire. Otherwise, I would quickly become tired and never have the opportunity to feel what is good for me and what is too much for me. That’s why I only work when I want to provide escort services.

There is much to say, but that synthesis is my philosophy in this Birmingham industry. If you enjoyed reading these words of mine, thank you. I’ve had the pleasure of revealing a few snippets of my secrets, especially now that I’m working with the West Midlands Fantasy Agency.”

Note: These words were sent to us by a lady who worked with the Fantasy agency. This lady has gone to her home country, where she will continue her career as a courtesan. But she asked us not to forget her little post and publish it on the blog. We apologise for delaying the publication of her words by a few weeks. She asked us not to specify her working name because it doesn’t make sense anymore. After all, she won’t return to the UK. We also want to thank this lady for the excellent collaboration with our agency.