I’m an independent escort. I was born in the Czech Republic, and I arrived in Birmingham 2 years ago. I am 31 years old. My working name is Belle, and I do not offer services through this online platform (probably, for now, I might change my mind). But I chose to tell my short story through the Fantasy blog because I think it’s the most read in our city.

Yesterday I was criticised by a former girlfriend who blames me for choosing to be an escort. This story is not an answer for that person, but it is a response for all ladies who can ask the same question.

“Why did I become an escort?”, You will ask me. I will not lie to you by telling you a story from which you deduct that I had no choice. I had many other jobs to choose from, but none was as easy and fun as this one. Also, the flexible schedule allows me to do absolutely anything I want.

In the evenings I only work for a few hours, during which I earn how much you make in a week of work on the multinational plantation where you are proud to have a job. You sweat, you are annoyed when a boss will reproach something unjustly. I read, walk, pamper me at the pools, massage, shopping. I have visited almost all of Europe so far, along with loyal clients who reserved me for escaping from loneliness. Now, I’m happy to be an elite escort in Birmingham!

To gain all these benefits, most of the time, I do not do anything special. Men who book a female companion have each one of them a problem that you, their girlfriends, do not accept to find. Many men call me and talk to me as a confession. Loyal customers trust me when they tell their little secrets. The truth is that I do not even want to reveal their secrets because their secrets seem so insignificant that I am surprised that they have turned them into complexes. So you see my dear, if you learn to talk to your lover and try to find out his desires, whose fulfilment will not cost your life, I would not have any work, and I would abandon this job.

There are also disadvantages in my job, I admit. I am convinced that I can not have friends except with the girls in the same club as me. My few right buddies meet me, but in secret, for fear of their friends and gossip. One of these buddies asked me, more jokingly, more seriously, where I see myself in five years. The question gave me initial headaches. Now I’m young, I’m doing well, but this profession has a faster retirement. So I learned, I read, I obtained a master’s degree in my home country, and I think I will do very well when I decide to launch myself into my own business.

With love, Belle.