Perhaps people imagine that escort services are used only by a particular kind of guy. Some believe that only old people usually use escort services. Others believe that we have clients just men. All wrong ! Therefore we have to clarify the situation. Fantasy act as an elite agency for many years, and we can present the following conclusions.

. Most of our clients are young people. The dominant age group is 18-40 years, followed by consumers aged 40-65 years. There have been very few cases where we had customers aged over 65, who were a true gentleman. So our escorts provided services to clients in the vast majority aged up to 40 years.

. Escorts are called to be companions in business meetings. Although most would think that our girls are reserved for individuals, every week we have cases when our clean and elegant escorts are booked to accompany the important business meetings. A truly beautiful and stylish lady has an important word to say in the success of a deal.

. Usually reserved for romantic dinners. Perhaps many believe that customers book our girls for dating only at home, but this is an entirely wrong opinion. Our clients often book escorts for a romantic dinner at a restaurant or maximum fun in a nightclub. It is always nice to be accompanied while enjoying life’s little pleasures.

. Our escorts are reserved even by other women. We know that almost everyone believed that female escorts are reserved only for men. It is again a wrong opinion. Every month, our agency has female clients, right ladies who need women for social accompanying and other services.

. Our escorts are reserved for parties. Our girls are not reserved only in private environments. Some customers want to celebrate his birthday, and they need beautiful girls to animate the party. These clients simultaneously book 3 or 4 of our escorts, and our girls, full of energy and humour, become the soul of the party, which is turn in a total success.

. Our girls are reserved for travel. When customers want to make a trip, but at the moment they do not have a girlfriend to be with them, this book one of our escorts. Besides a well-deserved holiday, customers benefit in these situations by lower prices.

. Our ladies are reserved for social events. Besides the perfect body, our escorts have typical behaviour in society. Our girls are booked by various companies to be present at a social event, a presentation of a new product and even by famous fashion designers.

And examples can continue, but we’ll stop here because we are convinced that you have noticed diversified categories of clients of our escort agency. Therefore, in any of the above cases, and in other cases, especially that we are a very flexible organisation and our girls are educated and have an open mind, we invite you to book escorts, to meet your needs.