During the winter season, most people stay in the house because of the cold on the streets of Birmingham. It is true that the holiday season is less permissive in choosing to spend a romantic evening with a lady, but there are plenty of possibilities in the winter. If the cold is not a problem for you, and your desire is to spend more time with a beautiful escort, the Fantasy agency will give you some ideas where you can go out with your half.

The skating rink is the perfect place in Birmingham if you want to practice ice sports, but it is also a place full of romance. Here you have the chance to see how well you spend time together, including skating on ice. On this occasion you will be able to feed the pride of the woman next to you, seeming to be helpless and needing “support” on the ice. If any of you have a chance to fall on ice, a friendly smile and an invitation to hot tea at your home or at your hotel room is a natural, romantic decision.

When the thermometer shows many degrees below the frost limit, nothing is better than relaxing at a spa. A sauna is also a pleasant option because you can relax together and enjoy everything that means body care. Enjoy the authentic rituals made by experienced professionals in Birmingham’s most famous spa centres. Discover an oasis of tranquillity right in our city and spend quality time together with a beautiful girl. You will definitely spend unforgettable moments and a relaxed evening.

If you do not have plans to leave the city during the winter holidays, you can spend a night at the hotel, even in your town. Choose a place full of romance that adds little spice to your life. It is essential to choose a great room to have fun. A new place is always a perfect way to fill your mind with refreshing energy.

Another way to spend quality time together with a hot escort but also to get out of your daily routine is to go to a Birmingham restaurant. Supper in a romantic place is the aperitif before a spicy night. Of course, it is recommended to book a lady for several hours. The minimum recommended time is the Dinner Date package.

Santa Steam Specials on Severn Valley Railway is also a romantic way to spend free time between December 1 and December 23. Seasonal music and traditional treats are the best ways to spoil yourself. Or you can choose Winter Wonderland at Tamworth Snowdome between 1st and 24th December 2018 and on 29th and 30th December 2018.

Long winter evenings are perfect for living a new experience, different from everything you’ve ever felt before. Do not waste time by tapping the TV’s remote, better use your spare time to have fun with a hot lady. Do not wait, otherwise, someone else reserves your favourite escort exactly when you need that lovely girl to be with you.

Everything is very simple: The Fantasy Agency is here to help you meet wonderful girls during the festive season. The winter evenings will be full of charm if you call one of our receptionists to book a lady in Birmingham or another West Midlands city. You can see the escort gallery available at this time by clicking HERE.