Customers usually reserve one escort, in 90% of cases. However, there are various situations where the same person or company booked two or more escorts. These girls are reserved for a business meeting, a presentation, a party or by a single customer.

– Booking more girls for a presentation or product launch. Various companies need beautiful girls to showcase a new product. In these circumstances, these girls maintain a pleasant atmosphere. Also, girls have the role of a mannequin or contribute to a sexy and attractive feeling. In this way, the presentation is professional, and the guests are impressed. Most of them believe that our escorts are employees of the company and are surprised by their beauty.

– Booking more girls for a party. When you want to throw a successful party, you need feminine presence. If you do not have enough single women in your list of friends, that create a good mood for unmarried buddies, the booking of two or more escorts is the ideal solution. Surely your friends will feel happy to see that they are very appreciated by the ladies at the party. And that is because our girls are not only cheerful and eager to have fun but are also communicative and will put the spotlight on your friends. In this way, your party will be an unforgettable experience, whether it is your birthday, celebration, New Year or another event.

– Booking more girls for a business meeting. Have you a meeting with your employees or business partners? Want to increase your chances of success? Then you have to call our agency. Two or more of our escorts, stylish, refined and educated girls, will be critical to your success. Studies have shown that men are inclined to accept various businesses more quickly and with less attention, even if the firm is not very profitable, if around them are beautiful women. You will be able to present or girls as secretaries or consultants of the company, which oversees negotiations. The mere presence of our ladies is enough to increase the chances of success.

– Booking more girls for you. Yes, we often had situations where generous gentlemen, eager for total entertaining, book two or more females, to enjoy quality time. It may seem a little selfish when we think that others rarely can to reserve one of the escorts, but this is the society we live. Some gentlemen can afford a maximum fun every day, while others save more money over a whole month. But there is no more powerful experience than to have a real time with many sexy girls, simultaneously. You will feel in the tenth paradise, and you will not forget for many years these fantastic moments. You’ll find something different for each girl; the fun will be higher and more joyful, you will feel what it means to live fully, like kings!

So, we suggested some ideas, but we are convinced that your imagination is much richer and you will find other situations when you can book several girls at the same time, for maximum fun and complete satisfaction!