There are various situations when people book escorts. Some reserve during the day, others on weekends, but most make reservations for the evening or overnight. The reason is simple: people usually have free time in the evening, when they want to relax after a day’s work. Also, afternoon or evening there is a better offer because the majority of girls is working during this time.

– Reservation for hours when it is light outside, it is less practised. Because of this, most escorts do not operate during this period. However, some ladies provide such services, but fewer in number. Our agency offers such a reservation, but you have to make the order in advance.

– Tickets for the evening are very common. After you finish a tiring day of work, you take a shower and then what? Do you watch TV? That would be pretty boring. Then comes our agency and offers gorgeous escorts. A girl full of life and humour, sexy and with an open mind is all you need to relax completely. You can invite the girl to your home, or you can go out to a restaurant with her, to enjoy a cocktail. You can go to a movie or a theatre. The important thing is to get out of everyday banality, and you feel good.

– Booking for overnight is again common. Besides the fact that you have ample time to have fun all night, possibly even to go dancing at a club, you still have the advantage that you will benefit from very low prices. For example, if you book one of the escorts from our agency for 10 hours ( overnight ), the price will be only 90 pounds for one hour.

– Some people, although cases are rare, wanting a girl to other times or other time periods. For example, each month we have some clients who book one of the escorts for an entire weekend, for a business meeting or a pleasure trip, a social event, for a concert or a picnic. In cases when booking exceeds 24 hours, we are willing to offer a substantial discount for your donation. Therefore we are waiting for a phone call to hear your proposal. We are open and flexible in negotiations in such individual cases, with the limits imposed by the minimum rate of girls for such situations.

In any of these times of the day or the week, our agency offers a wide variety of refined and experienced ladies. All you have to do is decide how long you need one of the girls and when you need. Then choose from our gallery, one of the escorts and contact our operator, which will give you more details. Our girls are punctual and will arrive at the exact moment you’ve booked. Even if you want a quick booking, we have some girls that are available immediately. Ask our receptionist, and she will tell you that girls are available at the time and how long the lady can reach your location.