March 1 is considered a day when people celebrate life and spring. In many areas, the girls attach a wild daffodil on their clothes or wearing traditional costumes. Population in some regions organises various festivals, parades and even choirs. Leek and daffodil are a symbol of Wales, where people also holds a traditional meal (Cawl, a soup of local products and leeks).

Legend says that Saint David was a robust and tall man, but gentle, that eating a frugal diet. He travelled through England and other countries and founded many churches. St David was canonised in 1120. In Birmingham, Welsh will also celebrate St David’s Day. If you participate in these celebrations, it is good to keep these traditions.

After you enjoy the events organised on the occasion of this celebration, you can go at a restaurant or your home for a traditional dinner. If you do not have a woman to accompany you, our agency is happy to help you. Confidentiality is guaranteed, no one will know you called our company, everyone will think she is your new girlfriend.

You will find in our gallery girls with good manners, some born in the UK and some also happy to be with you any event or celebration. All these escorts speak English and will be a good conversationalist and a reason to relax. Happy St. David’s Day!