Why not admit it, many escorts have different problems, and you need to avoid. Therefore, our agency has set clear standards, to provide only escorts who meet our requirements, giving a world class service. But not all the industry players respond to these conditions, not to mention the low-quality escorts, who rarely meet such requirements of quality and safety. Below we present a few such issues, which certainly you will not find in our agency.

– Avoid escorts who do not have a calm personality. Some ladies, sometimes due to stress and fatigue, at times because less evolved nature, does not offer many beautiful moments. Girls can be nerve, swear or not to comply. Situations of this kind usually encountered in low-quality escorts, but sometimes also to escorts from agencies. To be sure that you will not get such a girl, ask the receptionist to recommend those girls who are calm and rest.

– Refuse girls who are not clean. If one of the escorts came to you and you are suspicious that the girl is not honest, it is better to refuse her services. If you feel an unpleasant odour, or if you find that the girl does not have clean nails, hair or dress, these are not good signs. Perhaps even better would be for you to ask in advance a lady neat and clean. Also, a woman who does not fulfil his physical cleanliness may not be too healthy.

– Do not book escorts that do not guarantee privacy. How would you feel if you book an escort and then a buddy of your book same girl in the other day, and that companion tells him your secrets? It would not be good. Therefore avoid booking a lady if the agency, when you ask, does not guarantee the confidentiality of services. Some companies have signed a contract with escorts to ensure customer safety. Ask the receptionist if there is such an agreement, or if such service is guaranteed. Ask also if the agency keeps your personal data after the service ended. Request express that when the girl comes to you, to not attract public attention.

– Avoid girls showing digitally processed photos. It is very easy to detect. If you notice that a girl looks in the photos as a movie star, then the photo is altered in Photoshop or other editing software. Of course, there are exceptions, but these are slight, perhaps less than 1%. Better choose a girl who seems to have natural forms, the authentic beauty that does not stretch the boundaries of the body.

All these issues seem minor but can cause significant problems if you are not careful. Or at least, you will spend money, but without minimum satisfaction. Our agency requires strict criteria and also check escorts. Our tests for employment are designed carefully. In this way, we are sure that you will not ever encounter such problems. This procedure is the basis for our company’s success.