We are pleased to present you a text submitted by Mark, one of the regular clients of Fantasy agency. In this text, Mark reveals his dissatisfaction with many announcements of female companions, presented on local ad sites.

I’m searching on Google to see the latest escorts in Birmingham. I found an advertising website, so let’s see the girls. I find it astonishing that all girls are like a stamp, only the colour of the ink differs (I mean the contact phone). All the texts seem copied, very similar. These girls display technical descriptions, devoid of any minimalist imagination. Surprisingly, even the pictures are the same in a few different ads.

Don’t these girls want to be unique, special? Even though most of these female companions do not have an academic degree, none of them thought to give 50 pounds to a student, to make a coherent and attractive description for the clients? Isn’t this the secret of selling any service, that is to be presented uniquely and engagingly to attract as many customers? Well, the advertisement is the first hook, and it is unfortunate to pay money for ads, but not to have an excellent presentation of your escort services in Birmingham!

Mostly I like the stupid specification, found in more than 20 ads: “I am 5ft4 high, without heels.Are you serious? If anyone asks me what height I have, do I answer him that I have 5ft9 without shoes? So to express ourselves in words is difficult. Let’s see the pictures of the girls.

The standard position, supporting the wall, seems less used. Now I often see pictures in bed with her ass up. I notice that the predominant “I deleted the tattoos from the pictures, for reasons of confidentiality” or blurred faces. However, I can accept the explanation that British society does not fully accept the escort job, although I would be surprised if educated people have preconceived ideas. So why would you care about the opinions of people who haven’t evolved since the Middle Ages? Or there will be some girls who run away from home, whose parents do not agree that she be an escort, I understand. But all? Hi girls, I know you don’t have a Hollywood actress face. But who wants to meet you for a £160 donation and wants you to have an angel face from Hollywood!?

The client is interested in how you talk, how good your body looks, compared to his preferences, if you are clean. And it shocked me to see very few pictures in each ad. When I want to sell my house, do I add just two images, with the boiler and the door handle? How could I meet you if I don’t know what you look like? When you buy apples, do you look at the tail of the apple? Do you find that the apple is rotten only when you bite it? Take pictures that will represent you, in which I can see your whole body, from all positions, made in good light and with excellent resolution, because you sell your time, not your shoes! Or look for another job.

What the girls look like is their problem. There are clients for each type of escort. No need for stupid comments “you’re fat“, or “a little old“. Do you like it? Book the lady. Not? Move to the next lady. And the reverse side of the medal is a lying advertisement: many girls post photos from when they were 40 pounds less or ten years younger. When I sell my 10-year-old car, do I put pictures that I took in the showroom ten years ago?

So I got tired of the ads on the advertisement platforms. I’d better go back to my favourite way, which is to book girls through a Birmingham agency.

Mark, D.