In these times when there are many restrictions in the UK and Birmingham due to the pandemic, there are people who can work from home. But in the case of escorts, it is complicated in these days of isolation, when many girls have to reinvent themselves if they want to continue their work. One of the possibilities of action is through a video chat service, through the webcam. But so far, few female companies have considered this way of continuing work. In times of need, it can function as a survival activity. It would have been inconceivable in another era, but our 21st century has given us the technology to, among other things, offer and enjoy online entertainment. The Internet, which redefined sensuality in many stages, offered this opportunity during the pandemic.

I’ve already seen several ads on Birmingham sites, for example: “I offer a quarter-hour video call for £ 30“. These girls have been reinvented because of the new coronavirus. Whether they were escorts promoting themselves independently or through an agency, these ladies chose this opportunity. Some offer services through specialized online platforms, but most girls offer Skype or Whatsapp video calls. The customer sends a gift in advance by bank transfer, and immediately she starts a video chat with him. Sometimes the girl and the client agree with what he wants before the video call starts, and other times it happens on the go.

The alternative of video calls has proliferated on advertising pages since the state of coronavirus lockdown was declared in our country, including Birmingham and other cities, even if from July 4 the lockdown is being eased. The reopening of some businesses and public spaces like pubs or restaurants offers the possibility to all escorts to offer dinner date services. However, it is not enough because the demand for romantic dates at a restaurant is low.

Therefore, video calls remain an alternative for female companions, as primary or complementary services. Previously, these cyber services were practised by people who engaged in these chats, but who have nothing to do with escorts. Now, however, many Birmingham female companions have decided to make this short leap. Some of the girls were lucky enough to practice video chat before being companions, so this step was just a return to their original job. So such girls are familiar with performing in front of a camera. Even if these women have not practised for a long time, it is not something to forget how to do.

If for some girls it is nothing but going back to the origins, for other women, video chat is something new. Many girls have never considered this option. Many girls have reliable clients, which means phenomenal help at the beginning of the video chat career. Many girls started in this way the first video show in her life, being asked by loyal customers. Later, these ladies saw that other girls do the same thing, so after a while, these ladies considered it a typical job. In other safer times, video chat may not have been a choice for many escorts from Birmingham, but coronavirus has led them to prefer not to do anything stupid or risky. Through video chat, these girls work from the medical safety of their own home.