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Valentine’s Day, in the Western tradition, is celebrated on 14 February. The day commemorates St. Dwynwen, the patron saint of Welsh lovers. In France, a traditionally Catholic country, Valentine’s Day is known simply as Saint Valentine and is celebrated like the rest of Western countries. In Denmark and Norway, February 14th is known as “Valentinsdag”. There is celebrated on a large scale, but many people spend time in a romantic way with their partner or send a card to a secret love. Many people book escorts, especially since our ladies offers an authentic girlfriend experience.

Legend tells that once was a Roman emperor whose name was Claudius II. He was a fierce fighter and had many wars. He wanted a strong army, but most Roman men did not want to go into battle. King thought that instead of fighting, people preferred to stay at home with their wives and children. Consequently, Claudius decided that none of the soldiers of Rome will be able to marry. King thought that this law would make men go to war and fight like real soldiers.
Valentin, who was a Christian priest, believed that God gave his people’s right to marry, and Claudius does not have the right to ban it. He secretly married couples, marriages being made in secret places, so the emperor cannot find it.

Finally, Claudius found him and arrested him. Claudius liked Valentine personality, considering that it is a young and wise man. The emperor encouraged him to renounce Christianity and become a Roman soldier. When Valentine refused, he was imprisoned and sentenced to death. Until the day of execution, he sent farewell letters to his friends and had signed writing “Remember from your Valentine.” Valentine was executed on February 14, probably in 269 or 270.

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