Even if at first sight it seems a simple job, being an escort is quite complicated. It’s not just about an open mind and beauty, but also about safety, respect and hygiene. Even in the Midlands’s largest metropolis and cities, like Birmingham, Coventry or another city these two basic rules apply all the time.

1. Stay in control, whatever the situation.

This principle means that if a client appears to be violent or suspicious, you report this behaviour to the agency and even give up providing services to that customer. Money is not more important than your safety and health. If a client reacts violently or speaks angrily, he is not a true gentleman. However, do not respond in the same way, but rather inform the agency and then give up that customer.

Your donation must be paid in advance. Even if there are rare cases when a client does not make a donation, however, these situations exist, so it is good to make sure that you will not waste your time in vain. The agency also needs to be informed about the possible extensions of the booking; otherwise, they may be worried, or they may think you are available to be booked by another customer. So an excellent communication with your escort agency in Coventry, Birmingham or another city will help you stay in control, no matter what the situation.

2. Make the customer the centre of your life for a few hours.

At the end of the meeting, the client must be happy, and that gentleman probably will call again for a new booking in the coming days. So you need to communicate openly with the customer, ask him how he wants to spend time with you. If that man is introverted, you must use your feminine intuition to discover his desires. But keep your professional and private life separate. To provide high-quality moments, you also need to keep a balance between escort services and everyday life with clear boundaries. You decide how much you reveal about yourself, no one can force you to disclose what you do not want to say about you.

You must give empathy and warmth from the very beginning when there is probably some nervousness. Also, your hygiene is essential, not just the customer’s hygiene. Only in this way can you offer high-quality experiences. I heard some escorts from Birmingham saying that they do not use deodorant for women or use a single-sex deodorant. Of course, this is your own choice. But perhaps a professional will ensure that the smell of a female deodorant will not reveal that the man has met a lady in Coventry or another area.

How do I find other tips for a successful escort?

Of course, these are just the basic rules. If you are an escort and want to learn more tips, we invite you to read the hundreds of articles on our blog that will help you in your career.