Like any escort agency from Birmingham, we try to offer opportunities for socialization and contact. We invite you to visit our Twitter page as well. Twitter is a social media platform that allows users to send and read short messages called tweets. The word “Twitter” means both a web site founded in 2006 that allows writing and sending messages over the Internet, as well as the company that offers this social networking service. It is sometimes described as the “Internet SMS”. Twitter has reached over 336 million active users in 2018.

Thanks to the speed and stability of this socialization platform, but also because it has a large number of users in the UK, we are convinced that you are already using Twitter. Our page has been on Twitter for many years, but we have decided to promote it now in a dedicated way, because at this time there are about 800 followers, so a relatively large community. It would be a great pleasure for us if you are part of this community. Our Twitter page can be accessed by clicking HERE. The link to our Twitter page can also be accessed from the footer of this website.

After you become a follower of our Twitter page, you will receive tweets about news on the Fantasy Escorts website, both in Birmingham and other areas of The Midlands. You will also find out when independent companions will start working through our company. Thus, you can be among the first (or even the first) to reserve a new escort. If you like humour, then you have to know that sometimes we also publish fun stuff. We also offer special offers on various occasions, so you will not miss the opportunity of much smaller donations.

So, besides the possibility of finding the news through the newsletter (by the way, there is no secret, we are pleased to announce that the Fantasy Agency already has over 700 Premium members), Twitter is another great way to find out our news. Twitter also has other advantages: for example, it needs very little internet bandwidth, so it’s fast in areas with many people who are on the same transceiver signal (same cell site). In addition, on Twitter, the information is instantly circulating. You no longer depend on reach. You will see in real time every post of the person or company you follow.

Also, on Twiter, you are not limited to 5,000 friends. You can be followed and you can follow as many people as you want. So if you follow the Twitter page of the Fantasy escort agency in Birmingham, Dudley, Leamington or any other city, your friend’s number will not be diminished by one, because that limitation does not exist. Another advantage is the mobile application, which is very clean. It occupies a few MBs and loads very quickly (because again, it has to display a few characters). Posts you like, links, photos can be saved because you can add them to Favorites. In addition, you can quickly search or see hot topics on the planet. That’s how you quickly realize what is viral. Thank you!