We have received from a client of our agency Fantasy agency, some travel impressions, for which we thank them, opinions that are publishing below:

I recently had the opportunity to go to the UK. Flight plane gave me wings. It was the first time when I left my country. After several hours, after a little turbulence and after a successful landing, I arrived at the airport in London. There is something in a foreign airport, in a country where you’ve never been, they’re doing something that you feel master of the situation, even if you have no idea where to go next. Even if you are guided by the herd of people who went before you, you feel independent, mature, free.

And if walking through an airport in the UK does not give you the feeling that you’re in a British movie, then buses will do this. Equipped with a screen that shows the view from the front, an English bus gives you the real experience. Thus I saw their picturesque streets and impressive buildings in London and just up in this city, our final destination.

Your town was our place for daily walks, where we shopped in malls overcrowded, and in specially designed boutiques. I was in Chinese restaurants, I ordered pizza and watched out the window at their national library and the many stately buildings.

As tourist attractions, we chose Warwick Castle, the castle that boasts the title of the most beautiful medieval castle in England, and for a good reason. With plenty of rooms open to the public (towers, dungeons even fortifications) and some charming gardens surrounding it, but also an indoor restaurant with themed decorations and with actors dressed in medieval costume, our little visit was worth every penny, and we helped to forget for a few hours that we ordinary people.

In the evening I walked wherever we wanted, but not alone. I called by phone Fantasy, an agency that was recommended to me by a friend who had been a month ago in this city. I asked a blonde escort who came to the meeting in 20 minutes.

Escort was extremely kind, always smiling and cheerful, beautiful and why not admit, incredibly sexy.

Then we headed to my hotel, where we have a conversation about people and places, we served champagne, and we had an excellent time together. With this girl, I spent three hours, extraordinary moments that I will never forget.

My original holiday was full of people overly polite and people with accents little harder to understand than expected, unusual places that have enjoyed my eyes and my heart.

Thank you Fantasy Escorts!