Do you like being paid by someone while fulfilling your fantasies? Surely everyone wants this, but only escorts (and not just those in Birmingham) benefit from this advantage. However, there is a lot of confusion in women (and even men) about what it means to become a companion who sells their time. Girls often call me and ask me how they could get started in this career and the first steps. With maximum availability, I try to give them a little guidance and dedicate time to help them understand the reasons and philosophy with which a newcomer in this industry must approach this world. In addition, I regularly post articles on this escort blog to share my experience as a courtesan.

During these discussions, I realise that the ideas are unclear and that there are some big myths to dispel, which otherwise turn into serious errors of approach. First of all, becoming one of top Birmingham escorts is not an excuse for fun without common sense. Nobody donates to you for this; people buy you time to have a pleasant experience. Subsequently, a more intimate connection with some clients is a consequence of a trusting, mental, emotional relationship generated when a valuable relationship is created between you and the client.

Of course, you have to try to offer something unique. Clients make donations to you to live that high-quality experience, to break the patterns of ordinary life, to break the rules they were used to, to change their lives, to overcome trauma, to smile. They don’t pay you for anything else, even if you think so. People look to other people for appreciation, beautiful words, a sweet smile, a flattering look. So don’t think that if you become a top escort in Birmingham or another city, it is enough to offer moments full of passion and tenderness.

Men or couples who book a courtesan want to live an experience that is usually new in their lives. Therefore, some investigate hours, sometimes even days, before deciding how and with whom to spend their time. But in Birmingham and the cities of the West Midlands, there are thousands of ads placed by various gorgeous escorts. To stand out from the crowd, you need to offer value, trust and professionalism. How do you do that? With high-quality photos taken by a photographer or with a well-maintained website of an agency, well-indexed on Google and with updated content, with excellent and correct reviews.

If you plan to take a few selfies and post them on an online portal, my dear, you are definitely out of the way. There are currently hundreds of escorts on the Birmingham market, of which 90% earn less than £ 500 a month. Why? Because there are not enough customers on the market to satisfy the offer of female courtesans in an economically exciting way.

So it takes time and work, my dear, to earn 5000 pounds per month. Because if a person has 150 pounds or 300 pounds in their pocket and can choose between you, who took a selfie in the garden or the bathroom with a toilet in the background, and a professional promoted by a Birmingham agency who has a website on the first two pages in search engine results on the internet, but also many honest reviews and great pictures, who do you think the customer will choose? You have to accept that it takes time and work to become an escort.