What are the questions of a person from Birmingham or another city when he wants to book an escort? What answers will make him decide to book you, a decision that is often filled with many preconceived ideas? The client will decide to reserve you only if he admits that you can offer him something he needs. It may be the need for empathy, fun, or the need to meet someone new. Maybe he just wants a simple conversation or he needs a partner at an event or a party. No matter how empathetic you are, it is impossible to guess in advance what all your clients want.

The only thing you can do is to present accurate and in detail your person and your escort services in Birmingham or other areas. Recent photos of you, but professionally taken, will represent the first contact of the prospective client with you. For some, their image may be a form of self-confidence, and for others, it may cause dissatisfaction. Therefore, when choosing photos for your profile, you must choose carefully. If you like those images, customers will appreciate those pictures as well. Do not use modified images in Photoshop, the client will notice this and avoid booking a lady that is not honest.

Think about the fact that preferences differ: what you may consider being disgraceful, the client likes. So it is always better to present your real image than an artificial one. In this way, you will feel good and you will be in control, without fear of reproach. A real photo is a wonderful way to establish trust in the escort relationship and to get loyal customers. Also, if the image is clear and has a good resolution, and the photo is done in a bright environment, you will have presentation advantages compared to other girls.

It is good to present in the most honest way the services offered, the level of knowledge of English or another foreign language, the possibility of offering incall and/or outcall escort services in Birmingham and/or other cities. A detailed presentation of your personality, but also your hobbies, is welcome. Mention what types of clothes you prefer to wear and if you provide services with special roles and costumes. Explain if you are a flexible person and you can easily adapt to his needs. Say if you like fun at clubs and parties or if you are a more introverted person. Clients are looking for women in both types of categories.

If you managed to get the attention of a client, when you met that person, try to understand as quickly as possible why he decided to book you. This way you will not waste time, but you will create the ideal type of escort experience he is looking for. If intuition does not help you within the first 5 minutes, it is better to ask that person directly. Of course, to avoid unpleasant situations, present them once again in detail and honestly, your services, if they did not understand correctly. This approach will always work with a gentleman, and your success in Birmingham will no longer depend on luck: what works for you will also work for the client because your preferences will be similar.